Baking; Watermelon cake roll and Oatmeal Yogurt muffins

If you want to know a great thing to get an expectant Mom, get her cupcake tins and cookie sheets.  She may not need them for a few months when that baby is just gumming nummies but soon, she will be baking like it is second nature.


Recently I’ve been very ‘into’ breakfast muffins made from greek yogurt and oatmeal.  Here they are fresh out of the oven and don’t they look great!

Ok, to be honest, about 10 later they kinda deflate when cool but they still taste really good and they verge on healthy.  Here is the original recipe and I think she was going for a VERY healthy (no salt, no fat) style muffin and I made them exactly as written and they turn out tasty.  Now I find myself being the annoying person on a recipe by saying “but I” but… I think I really did make a good improvement;

I add:

1 med avocado

1/4 tsp salt

Instead of chips in one batch I added raisins but I still prefer chips.

I make this in the Ninja and I usually have enough batter to make 18 and her recipe says 12 but she is right on for everything else.  I adore that this entire recipe makes only one thing dirty and the Ninja goes into the dishwasher just fine (rince asap because the batter is cement like later).   We also tend to have these things in the house and this is far easier then banana bread.  Everyone likes these and they have been requested for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

** they also freeze well and reheat at 45 seconds power 5

** they also go MOLDY fast so if you are slow eating them put them in the fridge for 3 days or go right to the freezer.

You also have to wait until they are very cool to eat or else the wrapper will not pull off well….


The second baking experiment was for my watermelon social today.  Niamh hates watermelon so I always bring something else festive and this year I had an extra day because we got rain delay so I had time to try and make a jelly roll style cake.  I’ve never made one and I have seldom made cake not from a box but this turned out ok and certainly pleased all the kids.

I wanted it to look like this

pretty but no link to a recipe!

It ended up like this

The first version looked like this because I trusted a jelly roll recipe on Allrecipe and the cook time said 40 min.  She never said what size pan but I’m assuming it was not like mine because this is what it looked like at 30 min….  this article on Allrecipes was a great start for sponge cake info and I highly recommend reading if you are looking to prefect the cake.

I watched this youtube and it gave me tons of tips and I half used her recipe half the other (because I already had the second batch measured out) so for the record here is the recipe I actually used;



5 eggs

1c sugar

1tbs vanilla (or any flavor)

1c flour

1/2 tsp salt

1tsp baking soda

3 tsp melted (and cooled) butter

food coloring

chocolate chips

coolwip (or filling)

powdered sugar – spoonful


Prep;  *** Order is important***

Pre heat oven to 375f

1. Separate eggs into two bowls – egg whites in the smaller, yolks in a larger mixing bowl.  Let them stand – warmer eggs get more fluffy


2. combine flour, salt and baking soda.  Sift to make sure it is lump free (I used a fork). Set aside


3. melt the butter – then let it sit.  It has to cool or it may cook the eggs when you combine


4. prep the cookie sheet with parchment paper


5. Beat yolks until light yellow

5a. add 1/2c sugar slowly and while still beating on high.

5b. add flavor, mix thoroughly

5c. rinse/change  your beaters


6. Beat egg whites to soft peaks

6a. add remaining 1/2c sugar slowly while beating


7. Fold egg whites into the yolk mixture.


8. Slowly fold in dry mix


9. Divide mix into bowls and add food coloring.  Mix as gently as possible


10. Pour onto the Parchment lined cookie sheet.  I did 2/3 red and then 1/3 green for my watermelon but in the future I think 50/50 would be better.  Add chips onto the red side for ‘seeds’


11. Bake 10 min – firm with light brown edges


12. During baking; Lay out a dish cloth larger then your pan and dust with powdered sugar


13. Turn out the cake onto the towel and let cool


14. When cool add layer of filling and roll up – refrigerate.


If you have any tips or links to how to make the roll part better let me know, I like the cake and the look but I would like a tighter roll next time!


I’ve started stacking my baking to maximize my oven – the muffin mix can sit for an hour waiting on something else so they can just slip into the heated oven.






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3 responses to “Baking; Watermelon cake roll and Oatmeal Yogurt muffins”

  1. Aroon Melane says :

    That cake is adorable!


  2. kateluthner79 says :

    After making these muffins for a year I’m still in love with them. A few notes – the flavor yogurt you use has almost no effect so I like to save/use the $1 each chobani yogurts my kids take one bite of and make up the difference from the big tub of plain.


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