Yesterday I sat down to write about how awesome the MN Science museum was and what a rip off the Mall of America Aquarium is but then I saw the headline that Robin Williams was dead.  That just is too sad for me to talk about anything else, and, I don’t know how to positively add to that conversation so I stay quiet.  It was the top of everything news or social media all night and half today – finally bumping all the “I got home from Pennsic” posts but I would rather hear all about the great time people had (and I missed) then to hear that such a talented man has checked out.  I hope somehow he knows now how loved he is even if it is too late to matter….


However, we have had a major happening here… a bat has moved in.  It moved in a few days ago, maybe 5, because he is living in our patio umbrella.  I noticed what looked like mouse poop on the table and thought how gross that was and it must be after cookie or something since Niamh left one there the other day and so I cleaned and disinfected and moved on.  Today I went out to have lunch and opened the umbrella and noticed MORE poop (darn mouse! dumb cat!) and then noticed some very crazy birds suddenly swooping all over the deck.  1+1 finally = bat and yes, 2 bats were hanging out in the folded up umbrella and did not like me opening it up.


Here is a picture of the one that came back after cat and kids were all over the place.

that is his head, he isn’t upside down

I’m not going to say cute exactly but he is welcome (in general) because I know they eat a ton of bugs and I did notice the past 2 days there were far fewer mosquitos.  I do not really want to cede my patio table and umbrella to them.. how can I get them to move into a near by tree?   Dad, make me a bat house stat!  I read on the subject while kids were eating lunch and the MN bats are pretty small and don’t live in huge colonies and are usually hibernating by october so why one moved in late Aug I don’t know but I have been wishing for a bat for years… and now I have one… or two…

How do I get them to stay in general but not in my house/umbrella?


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