bullets of happening

Its been an odd week.  Tons of good stuff, a chunk of just annoying things, and plenty of dull things too.  Far too many of these things kept me from my computer…  Fiona also yells “close computer!” with my upstairs laptop so that cut down on my work time.  Anyway, the record of our lives must be kept so here it is~

– Fiona has been working toward potty training, the biggest and best milestone.  Weirdly my techniques used on #1 and #2 are not going as expected. Who knew, #3 would be different…  So right now if she is naked, she will spontaneously use her little potty.  She even stops doing other fun things to go potty but only if she is undiapered or un-undied so it is a big jump of faith to work in this scenario.  Progress in the past two days is that she did tell us while in the bath that she had to go.  However she still feels the diaper is just so easy that if that is available why slow down her dash through life~


– Zoe has decided to give karate a pause.  Oh well, the curse of the ‘buy it’ strikes again.  I went and got material for a tiny Gi just in time for her to decide she wanted to wait.  Niamh did the same thing but even faster, she only went to 3 classes when 4 and Zoe went consistently until last week.  A lot of growing happens between 4 and 5.


– I’m fighting with the mortgage company about the PMI that I HATE.  It is basically a good person tax.  I pay my mortgage, always have, and for that privilege I get to pay an extra $100.  People who walk away from their mortgages may have a truck load of other problems but they didn’t pay PMI!  So, I could go on for ages but bottom line it is a racket that I hate and we should have been out of it but for our appraisal that shorted us 10k.  Because of the comps in the area at that time, and, her missing features on our house I made a fairly good case for reconsideration (that took me 2 days of all my computer time) so fingers crossed.


– Preschool!  I’m considering a new option for Zoe.  Each kid is unique and there is no reason for Zoe to do what Niamh did just because.  Niamh most definitely needed the extra year with her friends at Room For Growing.  Zoe is far less shy and I think making friends at the elementary school’s preschool might be a better option for her.  Certified teachers, full day… kinda takes the thunder away from Kindergarten especially because she might be able to take the same bus as Niamh.  Hopefully I get a positive call back on the subject soon so we can figure out september.


– Friend Baby born!  can’t say more really but the little guy we have been waiting for is here and cute as can be.  I get to test out some newborn photography tricks I’ve been reading about…


– House purge/clean.  Lars surprised me by being willing to chuck about half the stuff in his closet.  I’m keeping a few of his shirts for a t-shirt quilt and I think I need to be brave and just get moving on cleaning out my dresser.  I’m slowly getting the kids in on the action too, since their room was 100% perfect I told them they needed to keep it tidy or anything on the floor at bedtime was mine.  To earn it back is semi ambiguous but it usually means they need to clean something extra.  It seems to be sinking in and on the other hand, their room will at least look clean since I take stuff and eventually there will be no stuff to look messy.  The kitchen is still fresh in my mind.  A friend sent me a plan and it is really good so next step is to talk to a contractor.


– Reading – I have been on a rampage of reading the Dresden books.  Total fiction but very good and I’ve just read one after another because reading is one of those things that Fiona allows me to do when she is busy.  Small joys 🙂


– diet – bah, such a dull one, I saw I number I don’t like and before it is a number I REALLY don’t like I’m cutting down on the extra snacks.  That does end up making me more cranky but I will be more healthy overall if I get rid of the last 5 pounds that are lingering.


and finally, not because  it is the last thing but I’m just out of time, I would like to note that at this moment we have a nice even summer feel going on.  Only took us til Aug to have the bigger girls sleep til 8am, be happy to eat and get dressed and do a bit of school stuff then play while I do a few things.  We go out for something around 10 and back by 12 or 1 for lunch/nap.  They chill with kindle until 2:30 and then we all go outside or play or grocery until it is time for the evening activity.  Later bedtimes all around but less yoyo time for Zoe who is maybe growing out of pitching a fit nightly about something.  School will tip us all on our ear again but by then I would probably be board anyway.




2 responses to “bullets of happening”

  1. Jill says :

    Both my kids had the pee without undies and diaper situation going on… It was such a pain!


    • kateluthner79 says :

      And eventhough I actually have vague faith (and hardwood floors) it is still very very hard to not diaper that bottom! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone on this one 🙂


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