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Winding down and winding up

Yesterday we went to Niamh’s open house, and by we I mean me and all three but no Lars.  It was not the easiest thing I’ve done and I tell myself often that basically nobody pays much attention to other peoples kids and even if they do notice it is in passing.  That is to say that behavior was not what I wanted exactly but I blame myself for some of it.

– Fiona was in daycare for the day and we went directly from picking her up to the open house so she was riled up and clingy all at the same time.

– Niamh and Zoe and I went to the childrens museum and stayed until 3 so we only had about 15min of downtime in between getting home and leaving again

– food and drink were a bit random for all three

We did better then survive, we met Niamh’s teacher and also Zoe’s preschool teacher.  I didn’t yell at anyone and only had to bribe a little.  We had all the things we needed and it was way easier then last year.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how we are winding up summer with one last outing, one last lazy morning and winding up the fall with open house and seeing school and school friends.

Today it feels like someone flipped the switch for fall and while I know there are weeks of warm weather to come still I can almost taste fall.  There is excitement in planning the next phase for us all

– Niamh to 1st grade!  She does not know any of the girls in her class but most of the boys.

-Zoe starts preschool in 3 weeks with all day MWF

-Fiona and I need to plan our lives for M and F since just chilling at home is not fun for her at all

– I have a great group in MOMs club now and they seem game for more in the fall, a very nice change from last year


I also made the big step of cutting off the bedtime feeding with Fiona 2 days ago.  She is not taking it too well but given she is instantly ‘ok’ when I offer her a Dora or something I think that it is mostly just the loss of the routine.  I am hopefully that by next Thursday she won’t be fussing about it anymore.  Unless she gets way fast on potty training I think we have a winner for that race.  I never felt like breast feeding was a ‘loss’ of my body and now I have it ‘back’ but I do appreciate that I can wear a ton of things again that have been off rotation since they were not nursing friendly.  It is a step further away from the baby time in my life but I think that is ok since I’m moving toward a ton of fun things and most importantly, the possible get-away weekend child free!


September is always a time for me to find new beginnings so I guess I’m looking for them and as August is dwindling I feel ready for September.

I’ve thought of something worse then too much ‘company’ when your in the bathroom

All of us mothers and caregivers of children share a common bond of having to bring our mini people into the bathroom with us.  For those of you who are not with me here there are many valid reasons to take kids into the bathroom and you just kinda get used to it.  I don’t think it is the favorite part of anyones motherhood but it is a common bond.

Yesterday I had a flash of how worse it would be if your kid(s) did not follow you in and instead waited for you to be indisposed and then went for maximum premeditated mayhem while you were stuck in one place.  That, I think, is worse….

Thankfully my kids are not there, it was just my brain.  I can say that earlier in the week the the three monkeys used tools to construct a tower to reach the candy on the very top shelf in my closet.  They would have gotten away with it if I had not come upstairs and have Fiona streak to me screaming “CANDY!!!!”  It was actually a plot while I was cooking, I think #1 thought of it and #2 was the builder while #3 was a terrible lookout and for the first time I do feel a bit out numbered.  Good thing school is back in a week~

So anyway, anytime I find myself grumbling about how they consider ‘privacy’ shutting the door behind them when they follow me in, I can think of all the mischief that I’m avoiding.  If I had kids like that I seriously would just have to hold it all day.  (I’ve done it in China, don’t like ground toilets)


ps.  I did have the first positive use for extra kids in the bathroom over the weekend, the bathroom stall door did not have a lock so I detailed a child to lean and be useful.

running in the morning

For the past two weeks I’ve gotten to run in the morning.  This is a team effort; Lars wakes up, Fiona acknowledges that I can leave the house without her, and Niamh and Zoe sleep.  Timing on this circus is in constant flux because it is really really  hard to get up before 7am when nobody is awake yet.  I tell myself it is because I would have to wake up Lars to tell him I was leaving and he had to get Fiona when she woke up and shouts cheerfully calls out “I in my Bed!”, and waking others up seems mean.  So, start time is largely decided by when Fiona wakes up +10 min for Lars to get conscious enough to be the responsible adult +2min for me to finish getting stuff ready.  This means I’m out sometime after 7 but back by 9 so Lars can get to work.  The goal is for Lars to work out too, tag team style, but he has had a tad less luck getting out the door (but sometimes is still better then never).

This 2 hour zone thing will not fly once we start back to school.  I either have to get going at 7, or…. I don’t know, wait and see I guess because over planning is a recipe for disaster and disappointment.

I do feel better after 2 weeks of this.  My mile times have crept down and my number of miles possible is creeping up.  There are some fun things to see in this morning zone and in the past 2 weeks I’ve run into;


1. Garbage pickup – great big trucks that drive wherever they want with no regard for traditional direction of traffic

2. The Gotez landscaping company that seems to own this town

3. Construction workers standing around looking at yesterday’s work.  They do move fast overall because I see daily progress but they are not moving much pre9am

4. People in very comical outfits taking out trash or letting out dogs.  I suppose they thought nobody was looking

5. Mist/fog/dampness

6. Lots of people going to work making a few of the roads more dangerous then I wish.


Things I don’t tend to see between 7:45 and 9 are other joggers or dog walkers.  Running in the early evening it is like a dog parade but not in the morning.  There are very few people out, maybe when I move to 7am I’ll see more, who knows.  Today I did see an older woman and she glanced back at me running up on her and I smiled and encouraged her to ‘run to the corner’.  She did it, and, actually kept running a bit more.  It was really nice to do a little something nice while I was out there (she was obviously exercising).

Unfortunately I am back to feeling ‘exercised’ far too often but I know that it is for the good and probably temporary anyway.  Good thing we have a hot tub~

A war on multiple fronts, and, the end of summer

War is such a strong word… I’m having an ongoing ‘thing’ with too many places to concentrate.  I’m lucky I’m keeping up my end.  In short I am;


Arguing with the bank about the value of our house.  I just hate PMI and we should be clear of it but no…..  However there is a dispute process and in the middle of that I am.  It is a pain in the but process and they make it that way so people don’t fuss at them.  They just don’t know how long I will fill out forms.


Working with MOMS club to do end of year stuff.  Being president is not a day to day task exactly but there is a report at the end of each year to make.  I actually completely forgot about this and it goes to show when something is important to someone else they will call and remind you.  I hate to have it come to that but nice to know the net is there.  Anyway, while certainly not a war this was a battle because of all the odd bits of things I had to gather.  There was even a fun surprise with our books and I had the joy of accusing my treasure of being…. the WORST EMBELLEZER EVER!  We were $200 over what she thought and once we got all the details together we found some of the problems and I can give a very good guess about the remaining mystery.  The nice thing here is that we got all sorts of kudos for fixing the mess we found, apparently most people just pretend it does not exist and dump it.  Nice to be winning this one and I think it is just about done – just need to hear back.


Today we are winning the war on the kitchen!  Lars helped and he and I just methodically got the kitchen really nice yesterday.  Fiona helped by sleeping.  This is the war that never ends because while we win in the kitchen we were outflanked in the play room….  I think I need more soldiers to win this one (or maybe less, I don’t know)


And then finally, this picture is my win for the summer.  All playing, outside, together and grazing in the garden.   Good thing because tomorrow is my unofficial end of the summer…  Wednesday we are starting early wake up and early bedtimes because however nice it is that the kids are sleeping til 8 or 9 or even 10 they need to be ready for the bus.

Baby timer up, Fiona wants to be rescued from her nap!

Not missing

Just missing my normal time at the computer due to lots of kid running around.  All good things really but the ‘nap’ zone of 12:30 to 2:30ish has been bisected by camp drop off at 1:30 (meaning I need to leave here at 1:15 and at 1 need to start getting them into dance outfits, shoes, water bottles, and a snack).  Getting back by 1:45 means I might have 15 min before Fiona wakes up again and that is only on the days she actually goes down on time.  The past few days have been extra crazy with out being out all morning and then going directly to dance with a slap-happy Fiona who then needs to be fought into a nap way too late.  On the bright side they love dance, great teacher and I think we might look into more for the fall.

That has been my every day for the week 🙂  To let you know how busy I really am, today was the very first day I went in the hot tub in weeks because I have used the fleeting nap time I have to either write a bit here, or, work on the work that needs more than 4 brain cells and fewer than 4 hands to handle.

Next week, the ‘unplanned’ week, is getting full full full, but, I should at least be back on a nap schedule!  Except maybe Tuesday because Lars’s boss said “take a day off, your doing great and have been putting in a ton of overtime”.  What are we doing?  I don’t know, I just found out about it 10 min ago.

My other good happening is the running mornings have persisted.  I’ve gone out 4 out of 5 mornings and today I not only ran but still went to the gym.  

The final thing is semi crazy – I’m trying to write something in the category of  JV fiction.  My final kick was a friends daughter who is really sick with a chronic illness and her mom asked everyone to send mail because she loves to get mail. (who doesn’t!)  I sent my letter and Niamh too and so did dozens of others so RIGHT NOW she is flooded with happy mail opening goodness.  The thing is, she has a CHRONIC illness that lands her in a hospital far too often and I know I can’t keep writing little ‘get well’ notes and I’m fairly sure most of the other adults will be the same way so I had to think of some way to keep writing so she can keep opening.  Short of printing out my blog, I think sending her a chapter at a time is the best I can do for her.  I don’t expect that it will go any further than her and her mom reading it but I’ve had so many narratives in my head for so long this is the push, reason, cause, person that got me rolling. But hey, you never know, I might be writing brilliance here but I just hope I’m making her happy.

Weekend next, funny thing is that I never have any idea what we are doing really because I don’t take the lead since I want to include Lars.  We are going to a birthday party and I told Lars he needs to come to the gym and help me with making a weights circuit I can do since I’m actually really shy and don’t like braving new things like a million hard looking machines with no labels and no stats and no data so no way for me to know if I should be using 20 or 40lb or what for how many reps etc.  I tried today but got overwhelmed and went back to the stairmaster and climbed the great pyramid. 


I will not write angry post about former employer and the annoying and secret financial decisions they make for their employees and how their HR spun a bunch of lies.  I miss about 3 things from there and this taints even that….


oh well.  Next time I will know more, ask more, and not accept fairy tales.