The busy!

I thought I knew busy but TODAY is busy!

Fiona is requiring some sleep training in the morning… she has been getting up earlier and earlier and earlier and today it was 5am.  I said NO.  We listened to a siren song – and not like the good one that just brings you on to your death; the worse one that sounds like a firetruck is in the room next door.  To make things worse Lars forgot about the ‘play dead’ theory and got up and went to the bathroom just rialing her up more.  On the bright side we call this day 1 of 3 of morning sleep training.  She is not a baby, she isn’t hungry, she has a diaper, and she is totally safe in her crib** so she can just work it out with her own self until 7am.


Fortunately, Fiona was feeling much better and was basically telling me that she wanted to go to school today so off she went, blanket in hand, for a day with her peers.  For a fairly capable little girl, she is our weakest link somehow.  I don’t know why, but, she is often 100% dressed (I do that) but with shoes and hat by the door before her sisters have even moved BUT when she is not here the other two were ready to leave the house in a record 7 min.  That included dressing, getting lunch, hair brushing, and getting in the car.  Crazy… I have no idea how that happened but it works for me.


Fiona free days are nice because we have no diapers or nap and we cut down on the people interested in random rocks on the road.  Today we went to the childrens museum and time just flew while we were there because we had to leave by 12:45 to make it to sports camp on time.  We did it, the girls were awesome with knowing it was time to go and coming right away!  They are at camp now and I just finished up my working hour.  I’m actually getting really efficient on what I budget for my hour so I’m getting to do more and extra cool stuff for the client now.  Eye on the clock though because I still have a house to clean and off to get the kids back before I blink 3 times.  THEN they have karate tonight with dad and Fiona and I have been running around the neighborhood after dinner.  This is a busy day!  I can’t complain, I like busy, I like things to do, I just wish I had a magic house cleaning genie.


Tomorrow and Friday we have morning outings planned and the sports camp in the afternoon so summer is in full swing.  We do have a new project – I ordered Zoe a mattress so it is time to make her bottom bunk a reality.  I’m contemplating the two paths;  The RIGHT way would be to empty the room, paint the whole bed and then put it back together.  The EASY way would be to assemble the bottom bunk, plop the mattress on top, and call it a day.  No matter what there will be some reorg in the room but the right way will take 3 days or so and the easy way will be an afternoon.  I’m thinking about it.  Votes?


Time to get back to the battle of me v house (or, time to read my book in the blissful silence of the house).


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  1. Linda M says :

    Easy way.


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