Era of Camp

There was a haunting feeling when I realized that although I love my children, I would have them 24×7 once summer hit….  Way back we (I) quested for the ‘perfect’ summer program (remember Lars thought the computer full of games was the summer program ((boys ::sigh::)) and by perfect I wanted something that would;

1. get them out and doing something without me.  Not that I don’t adore their every utterance, but, they also need time away from me

1A Together if possible – Zoe is only 4 and I would feel weird with her in an independent program and Niamh is still a bit shy but together they are a real team

2. learn something I can’t really/don’t want to teach them

3. NOT take up all day – I know the majority of summer programs are for kids with working parents so they have to be all day, but, I wanted some summer with them

4. Had to work around the sacred NAP time

5. Did not cost an arm and a leg.


The YMCA in Lino lakes is holding its first, and possibly only, mini sports camp.  It is at the Y (criteria 1) and the age group was 4-6 (1A). They were teaching various sports (2) for 1 week sessions.  The sessions are in the afternoon; 1:30-4:30 (3+4) so great timing for me around naps, and, the time of day where they would devolve into TV watching and/or fighting.  I am great with morning activities but with the NAP afternoons are kinda shot anyway so this really and truly was perfect even if they never actually learn anything they will be active for 3 hours.  Oh, and it costs $80 more then I was paying for Zoe to be in 2 days of daycare for both girls. (5)


My first clue that this would be small was when they canceled 3 weeks of camp – the 2 in June and the first 2 in July.  I had registered for 1 of those weeks and it was supposed to be Hockey and Soccer my two FAVORITE sports.  They were canceled due to low enrollment so last week we winged it and had some lazy afternoons and the girls and I were all very excited for camp to start today.  My second clue should have been that I had to e-mail them for more info on the camp… little things like where in the building I was supposed to bring them and pick them up and if they needed snack or sneakers etc.  That did prompt a good reply from the teacher with some lofty intentions that I silently scoffed at since he was running a bunch of 4-6 year olds…


We got there just on time today after the normal rush and hurry to get going after dwalding all morning doing nothing much.  Once I got there it was apparent that this would be VERY small when we were 1 min late and nobody was there except a green looking teacher. Two other kids turned up and that was that – 4 kids; 2 boys, 2 girls.  I did think, as I left, the odds are actually in his favor!  Upon returning and seeing the face (you know THE FACE) on the poor young man I asked if there was any problems etc and he said no…. and then I asked about listening and he said is started well but…  Then he mustered a cheerful good-bye and said “see you next week!”.  oops… slip there buddy, we are all coming back tomorrow.  I did tell the girls that they would need to be nice to him and there were some sheepish looks from the back seat.  People underestimate kids constently.  They are not just little sheep that say cute things sometimes; they are sharks that talk and have quick brains and are unburdoned by any other thoughts so all their focus is on YOU and NOW.  Get that and you get them, but, a little blood in the water and they will frenzy.


They did seem to have had fun and that is what I was after.  Fiona honestly needed the extra time with me too, she has been fighting something and is in a foul mood, bad appitite and low fever.  Post nap she wanted nothing more then to cuddle and I was glad to be able to with no guilt whatsoever.  When it is 3:1 it is a rare thing.


The next 3 weeks I sacrifice 1/2 hour of my nap time to drive to and fro so blogging will be delayed until later in the day.  It makes every day feel busy now but in a good way.  I had planned on blowing off a season or 2 for all day things with the girls, but, with only 2 kids I would feel bad.  Hard enough for him to make a ‘game’ with so few kids I can’t take half.

No pictures of the event but I’ll try tomorrow.  It would look a lot like 4 kids standing in a gym with a queasy looking guy.


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