Exercise blitz

I’m paying today, but, I’m pretty happy about my exercise this week;

Sunday – run 3mi in 26 min

Monday & Tuesday – didn’t do much more then live life….

Wednesday – 3mi pushing Fiona

Thursday – 54 sets of stairs; I braved the stair machine at the gym then I did 30ish pushups and tried the new ab machine!  THEN in the evening Lars wanted to bike ride but we can’t move 3 kids with us so Lars biked 2 kids and I ran with the stroller with the third.  Niamh actually ran with me for about half and sat in the jogger the other half.  I did 2m to the park and 2m back making Thursday a very full day.

Friday – I’m moving, I call that good 😉

I still did not get back to the morning fitness blenders but hope to add that back in soon.  Our morning routine is so upside down right now with no school and late sleeper Niamh and early riser Fiona that I have not found a good spot yet.


I don’t want to devolve into an exercise blog, and, I have not had lunch yet so have a great weekend if I don’t end up posting~


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