Back Home again

We are back home – have been for about 12 hours making this return trip the fastest yet.  We arrived at 7pm 7/8 and I left my parents 7/7 at 1pm and even though that was hours after my intended time of 10am it worked out fine because there was a big accident on a bridge around 9am so it is far better to hang out at the house rather than in a car in traffic.  It was like a flight delay, same feeling that you should be going already and not much to do…. The kids were getting on the listless side so when we finally left it felt good to be on the way (although sad to be going).  The delay was for an unmovable apt with my co-driver for the trip but seriously, the timing worked better I think.  We got to his place in NJ and after using his nice clean bathroom we were on our way.

The gauntlet of NY, NJ and PA treated us kindly with only minor traffic and for the worst backup we just exited and ate dinner.  Konrad, Lars’s bff, took all the driving because I think he was intimidated far less by a million miles of road then 3 kids and the car-yoga needed to tend to them all.  If you ever wonder what purpose planking serves I’ve been very thankful that I can balance toes on the front passenger seat – one handed on the middle row of seats to get something for Niamh or help her out.  He was also treated to 40 min of me singing to Fiona to get her to fall asleep and while you may think you know all the words to dozens and dozens of songs once you try you will find out you really only know about 6 full songs and some random bits of others.  I always start with the standard bedtime songs and the #1 alternate Wonderwall and then roll on to whatever comes to mind.  It is a serious brain exercise to not only sing but be thinking of the next song while you are singing.  Good thing I can fall back on some solid patriotic music learned in elementary school and various memorized songs from musicals and choirs from high school.  This happened on the way there too and my Army sister who was with me was offended that I can sing the Marine and Navy anthem and then she looked up the sad song the Army calls an anthem and figured out fast why that didn’t make the cut.  Anyway, given the late start I was just hoping to get to Ohio but we just had all kids asleep so we pressed on.  Then we hit the point where we wanted to stop but we were in the wasteland of Ohio between Toledo and the boarder where there is basically nothing so we ended up in Indiana.  The win half; we found a nice hotel for a reasonable price with comfortable beds, continental breakfast, and a pool.  The not win; we got there at 3am and the kids all woke up.  Fortunately they all went back to sleep fast…  I took kids swimming and gave them a bath and took them to breakfast so Konrad could get another 2 hours of sleep.  No driving problems the rest of the way and we made a few stops (one for fireworks) and the kids only started getting obnoxious under 10 miles from home.

After 4 weeks away and 12 hours back I’ve noticed a few things;

1. Birds moved in under our deck

2. weeds grow very very fast

3. Lars does not pick things up

He did plenty of things and it could have been far worse but its almost funny the things he missed.


It is nice to be back where I know all the things.  Last night I did have some weird ‘where am I’ moments but thats to be expected.  The kids are in love with all their toys again and I’m glad to be back with Lars.  Konrad is staying with us a week so posting might still be on the sparse side but you never know, he and Lars might be so busy playing nerdy games that once I finish finding the house under a layer of dust I may have some time on my hands.


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