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Another loose tooth!

Pretty soon corn will be out of the question….

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Summer bucket list; bike to the park

We did it!  Niamh actually rode her bike the whole way there and back and we moved faster then a lazy turtle.  After a year of not really practicing at all, she is finally getting the hang of it and going ‘too fast’ still freaks her out but she just stops now rather than panic and dump the bike….  She can still run faster then she can bike but we are faster than walking speed.  My challenge was riding Lars’ bike, that is a bit big, with the trailer but it was easier than I thought.  We rode to the park to meet a friend and then home again with no drama.  I know someday I’ll look back at this tiny little milestone and scoff but it is truly an achievement for her.

ps. Niamh has tons of great physical skills – steering has not been one of them ever…. I fear driving practice.

The project of the weekend

I feel like we are in an ever evolving house.  I’m sure when it is perfect and organized and everything is ‘done’ we will just have to move 😉


Sometimes I plan things to the smallest detail.  Sometimes I see an opportunity and just jump on it.  Totally different ends of the spectrum and poor Lars has trouble keeping up sometimes but since he generally leaves the kid stuff to me I bet he just figures I told him and he forgot.  This project was kinda a mix.


When Fiona was ready to move into a crib we had to displace Zoe from the upstairs bedroom so we adventured to Ikea for a bunk bed BUT only put up most of it.  I left the front/side off and constructed an extra leg to make the bottom rung of the ladder.  That left a  nice space for Zoe in a toddler bed plus some storage.  Recently I started thinking Zoe was getting big and on a vague whim I ordered a mattress last week.  2 days later it arrives!  Zoe is very excited and I contemplated painting the bed and decided to take the easy route and just put the bed together and did not paint.  I’m proud of myself that 2 years later I still had all but 1 tiny piece of the bed!  Somehow we lost a bolt so off to Ikea we went to get a replacement.  I love that Ikea will give you a reasonable amount of replacement parts no problem!  Since we were there we had to shop a bit and it was a nice random outing.  We left with down comforters for the kids and a few little storage things.  They were sold out of the duvet cover so that is on order for us now.

I rolled through the reorganizing of the room like it was my job.  We bought nifty under bed storage when we got the bed and I loaded it up with a few nice ‘baskets’ to semi organize the huge space.  They are very very big and practically all their little toys fit in just one (the other is empty still!).

Sunday Lars ended up sucked into the sharknado of work and I saw him briefly around lunch but he was on a short leash all day chained to his desk.  In the afternoon he had a lull so he played with the girls and I finished up the room and got into the play room too!  Except for the dress up stuff the entire level is organized and it is so nice to be in there right now~

The REAL spur of the moment change was putting the displaced toddler bed into Fiona’s room.  I was not sure she was ready because she is such a good sleeper in her crib but she took the lead on this one and declared the bed sitting in the play room “my bed!”  so into her room it went.  She chicked out the first night and last night too but this nap she slept in the big girl bed.  She is 6 months behind her sisters on this change but hey, nobody is pushing the issue.

The only zone of discontent left is the kitchen level and we just need to ‘fix’ it.  A very good designer friend recommended a layout and now that is all I can see in my head.  I don’t even want to clean the kitchen anymore because I want to level it and restart.  Not going to happen today, or tomorrow… but we need to talk to a builder.  Even if we do end up moving for more total square feet a new kitchen will not hurt us at all.


That is the weekend and this week I need to step up the kid activity because I thought we had camp but we don’t.  I missed the fact that there was a 2 week break so for the next two weeks we have far less to do then I expected!  Time to go look at the calendar~

I’ve been here an age

Time passes, sometimes fast sometimes slow…  I often forget that I’ve been here a good amount of time now.  The ENTIRE life of my blog, my cat, my kids…  Not half my life or anything but a chunk of time such that I’m passing a new landmarks.


I’ve talked about our two friends that we met here, who we knew at the time of their first date – their wedding was one of those milestones.  That was a happy milestone 🙂  Now I have a sad one…. The very first friend I made in the state (that was not a direct intro from SCA or Lars) has moved away.  She has been absent for months getting ready to move and then frazzled with the details of house selling, moving, kids and any number of things so it isn’t a change in my day to day life ~ but ~ her son was Niamhs first baby friend, her husband is a cool guy that helped pull me more into the photography hobby, their (now sold) house was the first play date I ever went on and she encouraged me and commiserated with me on any number of things since we were at such the SAME point in our lives and for a few years there we visited back and forth every week or two.  Like I said, we changed, they changed and we actually have not spent any time together in over a year I think, but, the good times still bring a smile.

09 1 Jan1 baby friends


I’m probably lucky this is the First time someone has moved away.  Moving away myself removed me from any of my high school, hometown or college friends leaving and meeting a ‘fresh’ batch of people kinda restarted that clock.

I am also very lucky that it isn’t a worse milestone (like death of a person I met here…) but I’m totally looking forward to a good milestone like someone I met here having a baby!  Ok, technically I know lots of people who have had babies here but I’m talking about someone whose relationship I saw from the beginning have a baby (no pressure, just looking forward to the day someday).

Things always change but most changes are subtle.  It is landmarks like the passing of a friendship that let me know that I’ve been here long enough to find, have and loose.  However, as I say to the kids often; Don’t be sad its over, be happy it happened.


ps. they only moved an hour away so I’m really just being sentimental.

pps. Sentimental Sunday will not be a thing, I promise

ppss. Selfie saturday is not forgotten, my phone is just full of pictures so I need to do some hard deleting to make space.

pppss. To my work friends that read, I’m not discounting the losses of your day to day  friendships, but, they are filed under the subheading of “change job”.



I love when they play

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The busy!

I thought I knew busy but TODAY is busy!

Fiona is requiring some sleep training in the morning… she has been getting up earlier and earlier and earlier and today it was 5am.  I said NO.  We listened to a siren song – and not like the good one that just brings you on to your death; the worse one that sounds like a firetruck is in the room next door.  To make things worse Lars forgot about the ‘play dead’ theory and got up and went to the bathroom just rialing her up more.  On the bright side we call this day 1 of 3 of morning sleep training.  She is not a baby, she isn’t hungry, she has a diaper, and she is totally safe in her crib** so she can just work it out with her own self until 7am.


Fortunately, Fiona was feeling much better and was basically telling me that she wanted to go to school today so off she went, blanket in hand, for a day with her peers.  For a fairly capable little girl, she is our weakest link somehow.  I don’t know why, but, she is often 100% dressed (I do that) but with shoes and hat by the door before her sisters have even moved BUT when she is not here the other two were ready to leave the house in a record 7 min.  That included dressing, getting lunch, hair brushing, and getting in the car.  Crazy… I have no idea how that happened but it works for me.


Fiona free days are nice because we have no diapers or nap and we cut down on the people interested in random rocks on the road.  Today we went to the childrens museum and time just flew while we were there because we had to leave by 12:45 to make it to sports camp on time.  We did it, the girls were awesome with knowing it was time to go and coming right away!  They are at camp now and I just finished up my working hour.  I’m actually getting really efficient on what I budget for my hour so I’m getting to do more and extra cool stuff for the client now.  Eye on the clock though because I still have a house to clean and off to get the kids back before I blink 3 times.  THEN they have karate tonight with dad and Fiona and I have been running around the neighborhood after dinner.  This is a busy day!  I can’t complain, I like busy, I like things to do, I just wish I had a magic house cleaning genie.


Tomorrow and Friday we have morning outings planned and the sports camp in the afternoon so summer is in full swing.  We do have a new project – I ordered Zoe a mattress so it is time to make her bottom bunk a reality.  I’m contemplating the two paths;  The RIGHT way would be to empty the room, paint the whole bed and then put it back together.  The EASY way would be to assemble the bottom bunk, plop the mattress on top, and call it a day.  No matter what there will be some reorg in the room but the right way will take 3 days or so and the easy way will be an afternoon.  I’m thinking about it.  Votes?


Time to get back to the battle of me v house (or, time to read my book in the blissful silence of the house).