Still on vacation

still here.  Still doing not too much and that is just fine.  My mom took #3 so I could take a NAP since it was a very awake night for me so I’m back to feeling rested.  Right now I’m working on perfecting my powers of feeding 7 kids… so far my only tip is that everyone will eat pancakes and pancakes are a very resource un-intensive item.  Today the cousins went off to an airplane museum and I’m very ok with being left behind. (they left while I was napping) and it is drizzling and cool – a very nice change from the swelter of yesterday.  My kids are doing their normal thing – 1 is sleeping, 2 are watching a show.  We have achieved math and reading for the day.

Now I need to give my computer to the cause to play  Maybe it is time to go read my book!


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