the new, new, new ‘normal’

I realized a few weeks ago that I MISSED my last ‘normal’ week, I failed to recognize its passing…  Every week all May we had a day off during the week and Zoe flip flopped schedules for preschool and travel and holiday it was just a string of abnormal weeks that have now ended, but, not going back to that old normal for a while.


For the next 5 weeks I am the only caretaker for 3 little girls.  It is liberating and daunting at the same time.  Yesterday Zoe had her last day (for the summer) at Room for Growing.  She has been having a bit of a hard time there – they are a great group of ladies but I think Zoe is just in a rut.  She is in a very small age group so she is either bumped up with kids older and more skilled making her feel frustrated she can’t keep up, or, she is bumped down and is bored and frustrated.  Her language is so good that she is more often bumped up but she is also not really given allowances for being younger. Technically Lars and I are guilty of it too, we lump her with Niamh way too often and expect 6 year old behavior from a 4 year old ball of impulse control, energy,  curiosity and inexperience.  Anyway, it ended on a high note for her and a low parenting point for us.  Lars brought her in and apparently they were going on a field trip and we didn’t have a lunch packed and had no idea she was going!  This was very fun and exciting for Zoe and RFG produced a lunch for her (they are so great!) and luckily her outfit and shoes were good for a day at the zoo and she LOVED it and was so proud to have been on a bus and on a field trip.  I’m very glad it worked out but I can’t help feeling guilting for completing missing the boat on this one.  I didn’t forget, I didn’t even know!  Alls well that ends well and that is the end of full day care for her until September.


Yesterday was a weirdly busy day with just Niamh home.  Given no other task, she will watch shows or play games on a computer/tablet all day.  I’m not sure she would even stop for food, I’ve never actually tested.  We went to a moms club thing and then lunch and then the appraiser came (cross fingers) and then I did some work but I didn’t want her vegetation much so instead of my normal 2h nap time I burned half that with the appraiser and then dashed through work tasks and then dragged her out to shop for fathers day.  We also messed with our normal Wednesday by going to see a friend for her birthday in the evening and at 7pm Fiona melted down and we had to cut things short.  My day still was not done because there was still bedtimes and then I had no extra energy so I got sucked into watching Game of Thrones and going to bed.


Today we wrangled the cat to the vet and he is a healthy 10 year old cat.  The kids could have been worse but were reasonable and now everyone is ‘napping’ and I have my normal break 🙂  On deck for tonight is our annual fancy MOMs club banquet and tomorrow I must pack pack pack.  When we get back from NY we are bringing a friend so no ‘normal’ then but after that we should settle into a new routine with sports camp in the afternoons and daycare on wednesday for Fiona.  At least it isn’t dull around here!  I’m trying to see the upside to leaving Lars behind – I don’t have to get anyone to water the garden or feed the cat and I don’t have to close up the house because Lars can easily keep up with trash and if anything becomes questionable in the fridge.  I feel compelled to clean before I go but it is semi futile – don’t worry Sinead, the guest room is nearly done, if I clean nothing else that room will be fit for company before tomorrow night (I have been pecking away at it).

This was a long one to make up for missing yesterday.  Hope tomorrow yields enough time to do my favorite ‘normal’ things like blog and check my email and maybe even get back to my brain games.   Hope everyone else out there is having a good spring, for me, it is definitely a time for changes.


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