Balance act

I know I’m not alone when I think of thing in respect to balance.  Baby naps til 4 means she won’t go to bed until 8, if she eats a ton of eggs in the morning its unlikely she will eat more then peas the rest of the day etc.  For myself I had things reasonably in balance with 2 workouts a week plus mini workouts 3 mornings a week and an occasional extra good workout – all this meant that I could eat like a normal person.  Some time in my far past my body decided that without a decent amount of activity in a week I just can’t digest food but for years now I’ve been good.  Last week the combo of not exercising because I had to do sewing and cleaning projects with deadlines, and, Lars being busy so he brings home more convince food and bam, my digestion ceases, culminating in the ‘best night ever’ where my body rids itself of all things I ate in 48 hours during the hours of midnight to 4 am.  This happens occasionally so I know it isn’t the flu or a bug, it is just me not beating the odds.  During those fun filled hours I always comfort myself with the fact that I’m not in China.  At home I have the comforts and privacy of an American bathroom and it makes me feel a tiny bit better to know that it could be way worse (for me, if I was Chinese in China I would consider that home and comfortable)

This particular bout of distress was the night before the baby shower and thankfully I was ok during all the prep I had to do Friday night but Saturday was a zombie fest because Fiona still gets up around 6.  When I said I needed a nap I really really did and I went to bed about 20min later and got up at 10am the next day.  Not that I got sleep all that time, I have a demented snooze alarm named Fiona, but it was better than nothing.  My stomach is back to normal more or less but then after all that sleep debt work I ended up with Fiona wide awake at 5am today.  I know I should just embrace it and go for a jog or clean or read or anything but I futilely try to sleep while she plays and that usually results in me being hit in the face with something.  I don’t have the time to nap so I’m just willing myself until the end of the day so I can go to sleep and hopefully, finally, regain balance.

Topic jump a bit – travel – I had my plans in my head but apparently Lars work didn’t hear/listen and he can’t go the day I intended 😦  In an odd way I kinda knew it would happen so I activated my plan B and I think I like plan B better then plan A now.  My sister Sinead, who is moving to Hawaii on June 29th, was supposed to be flying to NY on tuesday BUT her world got whacked sideways with work and she can’t leave Oklahoma until Friday and that COINCIDENTALLY is the day I wanted to go to NY.  I asked nicely and said pretty please and she is going to fly from Texas (don’t ask, its complicated and military) to me and then we will sister road trip starting on saturday or sunday.  Poor Lars gets left behind but I don’t’ think he is too sad about missing 20 hours of driving.  All this happened over the past 3 days and then today Lars finds out that he even go the later date we ended up with because of another work thing but at least this work thing is a cool bump up the corporate ladder*.  I have no idea if he will be on our vacation or not in the end but I will be changing my scenery for a few weeks.

Now I have 6 days to do all the things here including getting our house appraised to kick the stupid PMI.  I talked to the appraiser and she did say that it is an appraisal of increased value of the changes we have done, not an evaluation of my housekeeping that day – but – I think I still should make an effort.  The office that never gets attention and it is one of the places we have added value (flooring, painting, updated door, patio) so she needs to see it.  I just need to NOT sacrifice my work out time to do it!


If posting is less over the next week(s) it is because I need to mother 3 kids, pack for 3 weeks, bring the cat to the vet, clean for the appraiser and for my sister who might want to sleep in a clean room not a room of all the ‘stuff’ and finish sewing something for a friend.  And then I have a roadtrip and a house full of family to just ‘be’ in for a nice vacation from my regular life.


until then – I’ll try!


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