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Summer bucket list

Picnic on an island



Play in a sprinkler

Check! – If you note the lack of bathing suits you may guess this was an unplanned event but they loved it.  Good thing I always carry a towel.

Ship a few relatives off to a south Pacific island

Check!  They all arrived safe and sound BTW, they even like the extended stay hotel they are in.  Who knew, a hotel in HAWAII would be nice…

And finally, we put our feet in the ocean today~

I didn’t dare take my phone near the ocean but trust me, we did, it was cold.


The house is very still with 6 people missing but we have plans for the last week here to keep us busy.



Selfie Saturday

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Today’s fun

Awesome inside play zone, “shopping”, trip to BluePoints Brewery, then carvel. Not pictured a side trip to Grandy and a fruitless quest for postcards.







Today; water balloons.

Much fun was had by all. Fiona only ever got the one, she hung onto it for an hour and eventually loved it to death.

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A Monday here rather then there is still a Monday

Monday is a universal and as I’ve said in the past since I’ve stopped working they have been pretty nice days for me.  It is my “Start” to the week and I get all the things done that need doing (or try to).  Since I’m on vacation there are no big crazy projects for me to really work on so Monday is simply laundry and that’s all that needs doing.  Fortunately the laundry machine was empty today since my sisters family all went on a day trip to see friends so I had my choice of time to do the accumulation of the week.  Lars must be our weakest link because at home I have 4 loads and here I only had 2….  Or maybe because Zoe has only been wearing bathing suits.  Isn’t laundry interesting?  Sorry, probably need to wake a few of you up now.


The weekend was much more interesting then laundry (most things are).  Other then Fiona doing a face plant while trying to ride a tricycle down stairs it was an injury free weekend.  That is actually amazing because there are 4 foam swords whacking around nearly constantly.  We started the weekend early on Friday by going out on my dad’s new boat.  He got himself a weekend-cruiser and it is a nice boat with sleeping room and a little kitchen and a bathroom and, of course, a great big sail (and a tiny outboard).  I guess not paying college tuition for anyone frees up a bit of capital! Here are some pictures of the day on the boat (but none of the boat, maybe next time).

Fiona spent a lot of time being very skeptical of the whole thing and sitting on the bench in the cabin.  We finally got her out and she was ok for a while but then wanted to take her life-jacket off in the worst way and so she screamed about it for the final 10 min.  Then she got home and took a 4 hour nap.  I guess trying not to fall over was more tiring then you would think.  The other girls had a great time and so did all the cousins.  It says something about a boat that you can have 5 adults and 7 kids and not feel crowded.


Saturday and Sunday were more beaching and parks with naps in between and then we are back around to today.


I think I choose the right time to be gone from MN since I’ve heard about rain, rain and more rain….  I’m sure it is on the way here but maybe it will miss us.  My parents don’t have AC and aside from one sweltering night it has been pretty reasonable.  This week we are planning to not plan, just doing things with all the kids is enough.  Once they leave on the 29th it will be an empty feeling house and worse knowing we probably won’t see them again in person for 3 years or more depending on the next posting.  So that is what we are up to if you were wondering.  Hope everyone is having an equally good Monday out there.

You should see the other guy

….he was made of bricks

She is fine, just swollen and drooling and there was copious amounts of blood.

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