Happy birthday Fiona

I have no idea if Fiona gets the concept of a birthday but after 2 sister birthday parties I think she has something of an idea.


We woke up too early and watched our 15 min of Frozen, the one and only show Fiona will request and actually sit and watch for more than 2 minutes.

Lars had to work  ALL day, well, until 4 so technically not a full day but he was still not happy about it.  It is very hard to make a 2 year old wait to open presents but Lars made it during a break in the action and it was fun to watch her get so happy over a barbie, a bucket and a rocking horse.  I know she would love the horse (technically a moose) but if you are short of an idea for a kid turning two get them a big bucket – it has been a hit for every kid so far.


Niamh had a birthday party for a friend so I ran her there and then baked and then picked her up again all during nap time so good timing overall.  The rain hit just as I was thinking it was a shame  Lars would miss the park so in the end we didn’t go out.  We played like any day and we made sure to make all Fiona’s favorite foods; Eggs for breakfast, pizza and guacamole for lunch and pasta with parmesan for dinner and a great big personal cake for dessert.


It was a nice, restful and productive day – definitely more mellow than the day she was born but in a way it flowed nicely just like her real birthday.  She was born while both other girls were at daycare – we dropped them off on the way to the hospital and Lars could pick them up at 5 to meet a new sister.


Here is a selection of pictures from the day…


why yes, she did enjoy the wrapping

yeah… you wrap a rocking moose, not easy



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