Nearly missed!

I was going to post about a cool babysitter meetup but it was less notable then I hoped. I did have fun with my fellow moms and that is always a win, and, still did get info from 3 potential sitters.

I’m working on a few sewing projects so pictures of them tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Niamh’s kindergarten program , and, Election Day for MOMs club (I have a feeling I’m going to be reelected). Then full steam into Fiona’s birthday, a day she will get balloons and cake and presents and have no idea why… I know why though and celebrations are for everyone. Today 2 years ago I was assuring a crew of coworkers that I had WEEKS to go, weeks! Not so much. I miss my cube buddy and some of my engineers but I’m growing just fine here and far more free and happy. I’m thumb typing this before bed so I’m cutting myself off and leaving you all with this rather large sign in my kitchen:

Counting down is a hobby I picked up from my sister and fully embraced by Niamh.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs


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