Not a normal Monday

About Wednesday last week I realized that I have something every single day this coming week including Niamh and Zoe home on Monday.  I pulled together a plan for one of our favorite parks and the weather is perfect for it.  I don’t, however, get my ‘normal’ Monday stuff done….  Friday I realized Lars would also be home today and that also changes things but more toward the go out and do things way rather than the get all the chores done.  Going out is fun but it does not change the fact that laundry must happen….

Here is what I’m doing this week ON TOP of normal

Tomorrow I have a Mom’s club board meeting (aka friends over to my house for wine and brownies)

Wednesday I have a set of Melaleuca presentations (yippie!  $1 memberships for the rest of this month)

Thursday I am renewing a lease with a tenant (woo hoo! 2 more years!)

Friday is Niamh’s Kindergarten show/graduation/juice and cookies (what! she is getting too big!)

Saturday is Fiona’s BIRTHDAY and Niamh has a friend party

Sunday I’m thinking we might have people over for the ‘family’ party but it is really short notice.  I might push it off to a weeknight because they are oddly less full in most of our friends lives then the weekends are.

And from there we roll right into the last weeks of school and on toward summer and the variety of plans for that.


Maybe instead of laundry we will just buy new stuff 😉



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