The weekend is coming! A general update

For everyone who might be keeping track, I have a fondness for being busy.  Too busy is stressful and frantic, not busy enough is dull and depressing so I have to find that happy medium for myself while always and forever counting in the variables of 3 kids, 1 husband, the weather, naps, moods, pollen count… you get the idea.


Yesterday after my minor deck rant here I took action and posted a ‘gig’ on craigslist with a specific budget listed.  Amazingly I got instant and nearly constant calls and emails and texts from at least 7 serious bidders.  I narrowed it down and in a flurry of activity have a contractor starting tomorrow.  I was just looking for a person to take direction, I had given up on ‘a professional’ but I suppose 600 weeks of winter and rain the contractors are hungry for cash on the table (above or below we will not discuss).  Now I need to clear the deck (literally!) and decide on a color and buy it asap because it all starts tomorrow.  PS.  Thanks for the encouraging and/or sympathetic emails and notes about where to find pick-up labor 🙂  I now know far more than I did yesterday.


I also signed up for another 5k.  This one will be a micro-mini race compared to the mega of the HotChocolate race from a few weeks ago. That race had over 5000 people, this one will have 50ish but Niamh was just SO EXCITED that I would run a race at HER school that I had to say yes.  So tomorrow morning think kind and fast thoughts as I wake up too early to go run around the neighborhood for an 8am start.  Who decided runners like to get up early?  How about a nice 10am race?  Oh well, good thing really since we need to be back to monitor deck work.  In semi related news I got new running shoes, I don’t know if I trust them for a race tomorrow since I only wore them for 2 miles today but they will be good soon.


Sunday we have no actual plans but given we have contractors that is probably a good thing.  I must grocery shop soon though, with the wasted time wait around of yesterday I burned my grocery shopping time and in the evening we hit the mall for shoes.  Who needs eggs, shoes for a wedding are far more important!  With the freezer meal exchange from Monday we are set on food but we need eggs and milk constantly enough that I’ve considered chickens and a cow.


Next week is my last ‘normal’ week but I have all of Zoe birthday party prep to do.  I’m so glad it is not at our house!  Hauling the stuff is a minor pain but one I will take to not worry about childproofing for a crew of kids I don’t know.  Speaking of, I need to also put ‘advanced baby proofing’ on my to-do list since Fiona is a sneaky scoundrel when it comes to things now.  She even KNOWS she should not do something because when I catch her she jumps and sometimes she tells me to ‘go-go a-way’ and shoves me so she can climb on the counter for some forbidden object.  Her newest passion is paint.  The paint is in a craft cart in the hall closet for just this reason and that actually kept Niamh and Zoe out of it. Fiona however opens the doors and digs in.  I’ve been blocking the cart with a case of juice boxes – she can now move them.  I’m locking the door but it is only a matter of time… It is funny and annoying at the same time but I guess she is nearly 2 and that is the two-word phrase that describes most 2 year olds.


Wednesday I made Lars ask daycare for all the changes for the next month since I was embarrassed by the sheer number.  Every week there is some day I need to switch some thing and I’m glad they are a very accommodating group.  The wedding is the next BIG thing but mothers day (yet unplanned) and Zoe’s birthday are in between. Thank goodness for naps and kindles so I can get things done without too much ‘help’


Speaking of doing – that furniture is not going to move itself.  I should also look into prepacking breakfast since we have social plans this evening.  Wish me luck on all counts and I hope you all are having fun and full weekends too.


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