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Happy birthday Fiona

I have no idea if Fiona gets the concept of a birthday but after 2 sister birthday parties I think she has something of an idea.


We woke up too early and watched our 15 min of Frozen, the one and only show Fiona will request and actually sit and watch for more than 2 minutes.

Lars had to work  ALL day, well, until 4 so technically not a full day but he was still not happy about it.  It is very hard to make a 2 year old wait to open presents but Lars made it during a break in the action and it was fun to watch her get so happy over a barbie, a bucket and a rocking horse.  I know she would love the horse (technically a moose) but if you are short of an idea for a kid turning two get them a big bucket – it has been a hit for every kid so far.


Niamh had a birthday party for a friend so I ran her there and then baked and then picked her up again all during nap time so good timing overall.  The rain hit just as I was thinking it was a shame  Lars would miss the park so in the end we didn’t go out.  We played like any day and we made sure to make all Fiona’s favorite foods; Eggs for breakfast, pizza and guacamole for lunch and pasta with parmesan for dinner and a great big personal cake for dessert.


It was a nice, restful and productive day – definitely more mellow than the day she was born but in a way it flowed nicely just like her real birthday.  She was born while both other girls were at daycare – we dropped them off on the way to the hospital and Lars could pick them up at 5 to meet a new sister.


Here is a selection of pictures from the day…


why yes, she did enjoy the wrapping

yeah… you wrap a rocking moose, not easy


Outside project done

Rug WITH stripe, umbrella that perfectly matches AND fits. I feel good about this one.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Nearly missed!

I was going to post about a cool babysitter meetup but it was less notable then I hoped. I did have fun with my fellow moms and that is always a win, and, still did get info from 3 potential sitters.

I’m working on a few sewing projects so pictures of them tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Niamh’s kindergarten program , and, Election Day for MOMs club (I have a feeling I’m going to be reelected). Then full steam into Fiona’s birthday, a day she will get balloons and cake and presents and have no idea why… I know why though and celebrations are for everyone. Today 2 years ago I was assuring a crew of coworkers that I had WEEKS to go, weeks! Not so much. I miss my cube buddy and some of my engineers but I’m growing just fine here and far more free and happy. I’m thumb typing this before bed so I’m cutting myself off and leaving you all with this rather large sign in my kitchen:

Counting down is a hobby I picked up from my sister and fully embraced by Niamh.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs


It has been ages since I recorded any ‘official’ milestones but here is where I put anything that I want to remember in the future so better in paragraph form then trusted to my memory (that is good but not perfect)


Zoe – still talks a mile a minute and her vocab is fab but her achievement of the month is nighttime without a pullup!  She actually asked me to ‘tell facebook’ that she is undies only now.  There was a good month of  dry pull ups with only 1 or 2 nights where they were damp that gave me some confidence.  The other factor is that we got a different brand of pullup (Huggies) and they don’t seem very absorbant and the 1 night that she really went the pullup leaked anyway.  I was getting ready to return them and say the are defective because they sure are not effective but in the end they are going on a shelf in storage for when #3 needs them.


Niamh – with the end of Kindergarten looming, I can say with confidence that she knows the basic addition and subtraction functions up to 2 digits, she is solid on money, competent at reading (but little confidence)  and overnight went from having zero idea of what a clock ment to 100% on analog and digital.  I think she has Kindergarten under her belt.


Fiona – talking! talking! talking!  wow, don’t know if I can handle 3 chatterboxes but I guess I am their mom so maybe just pity Lars.  It is fantastic for her to SAY what she WANTS because baby sign only gets you so far.  She was saying the normal Mama, dada, dog, cat  plus gaining new nouns or verbs regularly for a few months, she was at or above par at her checkups but in the last 3 weeks she has language explosion.  Like walking, she went from almost nothing to running but with words.  Now she will say (understandably to anyone not just be and other tot moms) “Mama, where are you?” or “I hun-gee” or “Zoe close door, I wan to play too!” and she says apple juice, orange juice, milk, coffee and mommy drink (meaning beer).  With 2 sisters  I was expecting either her to say nothing because Zoe would speak for her, or, catching on fast because if you don’t speak up you don’t get a cookie (not surprisingly, one of her first words)


Physically all 3 have sprouted taller, Niamh can reach counters and sinks now and Zoe is growing out of her tot bed.  Fiona is still a peanut but a taller one, she STILL only weighs 21lb but she is taller.  Good thing it is summer so I can put her in 12-18m skirts and shorts and nobody will know they are too short and they will actually stay up on her.


So that is them right now.  I don’t care to document their madding annoying behavior because I hope to forget it over time but if you are reading this and feeling any sort of bad please note I’m documenting the positives/milestones I want to remember.  I will probably mention the day that they quit nose picking, or fighting bedtime but that day is still in the future…

Nothing to see here…

I went into the pit of despair the girls room to collect laundry and found some suspiciously damp things… then a puddle of unknown origin.  So, the only thing left in their room is the bunk bed and the dresser and it is totally scrubbed.  Zoe is now very worried I won’t put her bed back – I’m going to let her sweat it some.  I’m of two minds on the toys – on the one hand I keep threatening to take them all away if they don’t clean them, on the other hand I don’t really want them elsewhere in the house because in their room I can close the door and ignore it (until I find sticky messes).


Right now everything is in the play room, marking it as next on the to-do list.


Back to it!

Not a normal Monday

About Wednesday last week I realized that I have something every single day this coming week including Niamh and Zoe home on Monday.  I pulled together a plan for one of our favorite parks and the weather is perfect for it.  I don’t, however, get my ‘normal’ Monday stuff done….  Friday I realized Lars would also be home today and that also changes things but more toward the go out and do things way rather than the get all the chores done.  Going out is fun but it does not change the fact that laundry must happen….

Here is what I’m doing this week ON TOP of normal

Tomorrow I have a Mom’s club board meeting (aka friends over to my house for wine and brownies)

Wednesday I have a set of “wellness company” presentations (yippie!  $1 memberships for the rest of this month)

Thursday I am renewing a lease with a tenant (woo hoo! 2 more years!)

Friday is Niamh’s Kindergarten show/graduation/juice and cookies (what! she is getting too big!)

Saturday is Fiona’s BIRTHDAY and Niamh has a friend party

Sunday I’m thinking we might have people over for the ‘family’ party but it is really short notice.  I might push it off to a weeknight because they are oddly less full in most of our friends lives then the weekends are.

And from there we roll right into the last weeks of school and on toward summer and the variety of plans for that.


Maybe instead of laundry we will just buy new stuff 😉