Archive | April 30, 2014

Good-bye baby toy project

You know how sometimes a project lurks in the back of your mind.  You don’t really want to do it, not because it is hard, but you just don’t want to have to do it.  Daily I feel that way about poopy diapers, this is like that feeling x100


I did, however, start today.  My ‘baby’ woke us up at 6am and wanted to get going on the day so we started going through all the toy boxes and I weeded out the baby-baby toys.  I have a friend having a baby in July so they are going to a good home but it is still on the sad side.


On top of that, I have to do it while they are all gone because even though they are rattles and teethers they become MY FAVORITE, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT toys if they saw me putting them away.  So, I’m sad to see the baby things go and it isn’t even balanced by my darling children cavorting around me reminding me why 3 is enough and I have 3!

technically LLamar is not going, but, all the others were already packed when I decided to write this.

To find a middle ground between heartless and hoarder I’m keeping 1 or 2 toys and I’m taking pictures of the others.  I have a slew of free photo book offers kicking around so I will make a lovely book with pictures and my memories and the story of the special toys.  In reality, only some are special, far fewer then I thought – plenty just got cleaned and put in the box to go.  As of now, I have a full diaper box of toys ready for their next baby.