Archive | April 29, 2014

Neighbors… everybody needs good Neighbors

I might be the only person in MN to have ever seen that TV show but when you only get one channel in english you watch what is on it!  Anway… for years in the back of my mind I’ve toyed with the idea of making a melodrama about my neighbors.  Total fiction but great to blog about.  I never did because this isn’t really a spot for fiction – possibly not a place for the whole truth either but you get the idea.


Anyway… Things have actually gotten interesting.  Before anyone worries, we are a few houses down a loop road that basically nobody goes on and I feel that drugged up teens are not motivated walkers so I feel fairly safe down here at the end of the block.  I also lock doors and keep a weaponized husband plus my phone is always in my pocket so we are prepared.  So there is a shady looking house on the lake near us.  It has been shady since we moved in and has not improved.  We were warned early by the nice neighbors (the vast majority) to NOT trick or treat there and generally stay away.  We have, they don’t bother us, we don’t bother them and they live in a downward spiral of squalor but whatever.  Recently things have changed a bit.


1. a month or two ago some very high kids tried to push in the door to one of the houses right by this shady house.  The wife was home and didn’t let them in and they were yelling on her porch and she locked the door and told them to wait, she would be back in 5 min.  They actually did?!?  Then they sat on her porch and she called the police and they were collected so two less idiots on the streets but scary.


2. Easter Sunday was a gorgeous day so we were in and out of our back deck all day.  I notice a police car, then another, then 5… then guys with vests and guns entering the house.  I didn’t really want to see this but the view is fairly easy.  In the end a tow truck appeared and took away the pickup truck in the driveway.  I thought that was an awful lot of trouble to go to for a repossession…  We went for a walk and talked to a neighbor who said that the truck did NOT belong to the people who owned the house. They came up to open the house (they are summer people) and saw the strange truck and called the police.  Nothing was wrong in the house but still….


2a.  While talking to the neighbor on our walk the police came up to us and asked us if we had noticed that truck around and when etc.  Sadly I did remember because I take fifty million car trips through the neighborhood every day and I notice cars that are there.  Since we had the officers attention we asked him about the shady house, how could such an obvious place still exist after so many years?  He said yes, they know about it, but they can’t really clean it up because of lack of evidence.  Apparently we have bright criminals on the block; they don’t break any laws, their cars are in date, they don’t use a trash service….  It is however like a police pez dispenser since they just wait for someone to leave and then arrest them.  I’m sure it is the equivalent of a random 30mph section of road in between two 55 mph zones for catching speeders.


3. This one is a mystery actually.  I was gardening in the front yard last week (before it turned arctic and ugly again) and Fiona was very happily playing and out of the corner of my eye I see a car park at the end of the road.  White sedan, not a police car.  Out of the car comes a guy in a bulletproof vest and a large looking weapon.  At that point I pick up Fiona and go inside because I like to live in my bubble.  I risk a look out the back door and see a marked police car so I’m relieved that it wasn’t a citizen in a vest with a gun but I just go back inside and MYOB.  I have no idea what happened next but I’m keeping my eyes open.


Now I’m being extra watchful of the shady house and the random coming and going of my neighbors.  I’m either bored or practicing to be an old lady.  Either way there is real ‘stuff’ going on in the neighborhood worth writing about so thats cool!


I will have to keep an eye out for more fun things to write about and resist all urges fostered by too many mystery novels to do anything about the situation other than observe from afar.