Archive | April 24, 2014

Lady Dates

Hope you didn’t google and get here by accident… I use the term ‘lady date’ to mean I’m seeing one of my platonic female friends, but, since I’m not dating men and going out on a ‘date’ with my husband is a logistic/scheduling nightmare I am glad that I am happy with lady dates.


Yesterday was a blah day – I was tired it was gray, I got done what I had to do but it was a blah blah day.  Until the later afternoon when a friend came over!  Lady Date!  She and her son visit for dinner on Wednesdays so they can go to swim lessons on time in town.  It works for us both, we chat for an hour and a half while feeding kids and then they are off to swim and I toss mine in the bath then books and bed and the day is over.  I have a long standing lady date on Friday where we all go to a friends house while the husbands work out and we don’t do anything special other than sit and talk and mind the children and feed them.  Since it is Friday we are less strict about bedtime so as long as all the kids are happy we can hang out.  The Mom’s club is my other source of lady dates because we are all moms and our current schedule has us meeting up at least 2x a week.  It is a rotating cast but I like everyone so it is great to go somewhere and spend time with a friend while the kids do the kid thing.  I do like my solo-wednesday but by the end of the day I’m lonely – that is what happens after absolute constant company for years straight.   I’m so glad we had those two nice days, I was able to get out and get great pictures for Zoe’s invite and I’m pretty happy with these ones;



It might be silly but I really like hanging out for an hour or so with another adult woman at a similar spot in life.  I am comforted by the similarities and we brainstorm solutions and we give each other hope that this phase will end eventually.  It is a part of life I was definitely missing when I was working.  I had work friends but we were seldom in the same life place and anytime I was overly chatty I started getting odd looks.  The other thing at work was 90% of my coworkers were men so even when we had very similar spots in life – like my cube neighbor who (‘s wife) had kids at the same times I did is in the same spot but he sees the dad side.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved to hear the dad side of life, it was a great perspective to get,  but it isn’t quite the same. For years  I would make Lars go shopping with me because in some ways for years he was my only local friends.  Now I have a dozen!  Some weeks I even get over busy and have to schedule in times for the ‘house’ part of house wife – thats why I say I’m a stay at home mom, not a housewife, if I was a housewife the house would come first.


Today is the same gray blah and I got woken up in the middle of the night and I was up at 6 but I’m working on a new exercise thing where I do 5-10min first thing and remember to actually take my vitamins and that, plus a nice lady date today I feel pretty good.  This afternoon I MUST get invites from the printer and thankyou notes done but otherwise it is a nice clear evening.  With that I must go – time to do some other things with my naptime but happy thursday to everyone out there, not long til saturday 🙂