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Throwback Thursday

So I’m misusing this title too (its a theme).  I’m throwing it back alllll the way to the weekend.


I have a ton to say but only one short nap time to say it, and, I need to boil eggs for easter so I will keep it on the brief side.  If you want more on something e-mail me, the address is in my about.


Flight – I can’t skip the random ups and downs of air travel in any story.  We have been using sun country and SWA so much that I don’t’ remember the last time I was in terminal 1 but Delta was the winner this trip and they have changed things up.  In MSP you can put a lap infant on your ticket at a kiosk!!!  Amazing.  Too bad I waited in line for an agent for him to tell me that but I will know for next time.  I also had to trek hither and yon and I’m glad Fiona was amused by the stroller because even if she is a good walker it was a ton of walking.  We were there early but still ended up boarding as soon as we got to the gate.  Fiona was pretty good but the people next to me were having a very juvenile work affair.  They work together and took pains to not be seen together in the airport (based on me over hearing but seriously, I’m a centimeter away, they knew I could hear) and they even had to swap seats to sit together and then I was subjected to a painful ‘date like’ encounter for the next 3 hours.  They were weird, they were still in the very polite ‘oh yeah, I would LOVE to see this concert thing on your phone for 40 min that I can’t hear and can hardly see and then have you narrate…” phase.  They also talked about their respective kids and then would randomly and awkwardly make out like no 40+ year old people should.  ANWAY the bright side is no small talk needed….  We arrive in NY early but our gate at JFK was so far away it took 15 min walking briskly to get to the luggage claim but hey, no waiting for luggage.

Parents house – oh so nice to be there.  The odd thing was having only one child and that child being Fiona.  She was looking for sisters and just not finding them.  I remember a time when I was with Niamh as a nearly 2 year old and her cousin Connor who is the same age but he is #3 in his family and how different they were.  Now Fiona is the #3 and Chase (sister who lives in NY son) is the #1 and I see the difference from the other side.  Chase and Fiona played really well and look like twins



Too bad most of the time Fiona felt like this

That, by the way, is my parents heated kitchen floor.  The cats do this often but it was a first for Fiona who lay there for 20 min at least.  She did play plenty with Chase and everyone but she was not herself. We suspect ears but we may never know, she is back to normal now.


The Shower was a BIG portion of the weekend.  We went to help prep until midnight on Friday and then Sinead was there again at 10 and basically didn’t leave the kitchen until the lunch was over.  I was doing the cake the morning of and it turned out almost like I wanted

It is a cupcake-dress cake and if I had just a little bit more icing it would have been perfect!


The party went well, it was almost all people I knew since I remembered most of the groom’s side from other parties and other than the regular stress of putting on a party everything went very well.  The big negative was due to poor communication, feelings (including mine) were fairly hurt but whatever – this is the only time I’ll be working on this style project with this person so I’m moving on with the lesson learned that I need to be the boss or make triple sure someone is since I thought I was doing the right thing stepping back but the person who I thought totally ready for party leadership felt left adrift. Deep breath – moving on…


Josie, the bride, had a great time and looked smashing in the dress we scoured suffolk county to find – then we added many ‘special’ accessories


We were off to the bachelorette party in a limo for 10 to NYC

the limo made our eyes demonic… yeah, the limo

at 7-11 where all good parties start

Other then a quick stop (at sevs) we went directly to a very fun drawing class where we drew a nice looking man without his clothes on.  It was fun and funny and there was champagne and it was 100X more classy than a strip club or a string of bars and I am very glad we went to it.

Next some time in Times Square where there was an insane number of people dressed up as characters for 11pm but I’m not judging, we just took pictures.  When you have a bridal party you can do almost anything – it is an awesome super power.  I’m going to keep a ‘bride’ sash in my pocketbook for future use…

Finally we did go to a real bar that was full of stripper poles.  Yes I tried it, yes there are pictures, no I’m not publishing them because they are silly.  Same goes for everyone else there but it was very fun and someone even tried to buy me a drink (I said no thanks, I was planning on driving in 2 hours).

We got home safe and that is all I have time for today!  Fiona awakes and we have a busy afternoon so I need to put in pictures and publish. Sorry – my day is totally off because of the snow so we were an hour late getting out to the gym and +1 kid and after nap we cleaned and then directly out to pick up my HotChocolate race package to dash back home to a board meeting I was hostessing, so, now I’m finally done and can add the pictures I intended to do hours ago.  Tomorrow will be more of the same I’m sure but with egg dying and then Saturday my race is at 8am! That is way too early!  I am going to end up running in my pjs….

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