Archive | April 8, 2014

Brain over-loading

I held it together so well for the whole party but now I have a skull full of mush.  The late night and early morning did not help much either…..  We ate that tall cake at 8pm when Niamh got home from Karate so bedtime for 2 little girls was far later than normal.  I have her birth time, 10:06, programmed into my phone (all the kids birthtimes actually) and I expected to hear that harp-music while sipping something adult and watching something on TV.  I ended up hearing it while Niamh was reading me a book (from grandma).  Even though it was 1.5 hours past bedtime I like that she was really really reading just 6 short years after her birth.

Today is the normal mill of things – library, bake the bread, fold the laundry, sing and rhyme and dance and make that semi educational but I also have to figure out how to best make my absence for 4 days a minimal impact.  Should I prepack lunches?  I don’t want to insult Lars’s parenting but we are a team and it is hard to remember all the things.  I’m also trying to figure out what to bring with me and when to pack it because the days are racing along.  The result; applesauce brain.


I need to just go start at the beginning and go through the things.  It will be fine I’m sure but I would not expect too many words from me over the next day or two!