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Tall cake

What you do with a little bit of a lot of different color frosting. 7 layer cake. (One to grow on)

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Happy birthday Niamh!

I have a 6 year old?!?  Wow.  I guess I do (as of 10:02pm tonight at least – stupid 24h of labor…).


It is Niamh birthday extravaganza and everyone is taking it well.  Niamh is not being too over the top and Zoe is doing ok with Niamh being the center of attention.  I think it helps that her day is coming next…  Fiona thinks it is fantastic because there is random candy! and cake! and she can have it!, or, nobody is paying attention and she can get it anyway!  I was very pleased that the party went over well and 2 hours seemed short but it was quite enough.  I could see 2.5 hours but that would be about it without a big time consuming activity.  My pictures are loading slowly so I’ll do a party overview tomorrow (or someday, maybe… you know…)


Today on her REAL birthday we woke up and made pancakes and opened all but 1 gift (you know what one) and then she had to do her homework because even though it is her birthday she still had to go to school.  In the 65 trips to the store over the past week we never got the treats for snack on her birthday so today after she left I went to the store (and then the bank etc) and met her at school for lunch and treat delivery.  Tonight she has karate so we need to do cake early, or, late and I’m leaning toward late at this point.  Since we had a cupcake party we have a metric ton of icing so I have to figure out how to use it best.

homework before pancakes

By the end of today my brain will be ready to switch over to TRAVEL on Thursday!  Bridal shower and bachelorette party weekend!


But my baby, the girl that made me a mother, she is so big!  Look at these birthday pictures…

Her face has been the same since 3, but, her arms and hands really changed this year.