Archive | April 3, 2014

Karate size 00

Should 00 be a size?  There are so many numbers, an infinite number infact, why can’t the smallest size just be 1?


Anyway, clothing size rants could fill a book, but little Niamh has been doing Karate (with Lars) 2x a week for nearly a year.  Something clicked after her 5th birthday and she just started wanting to go.  She was technically allowed at 4 but she only went about 3 times that whole year.  She ‘earned’ her uniform at christmas and I’ve been meaning to get a picture ever since.


She looks so big to me, but, I know in 20 years this will be an adorable ‘baby’ picture.  Maybe they will show it during her very special segment during the olympics 😉  Practice 2x a week is hard for her and some weeks she is tired but she has a good friend in the class and is getting better all the time so she isn’t quitting.  It also drags bedtime out because she gets home at 8, but, it makes her feel special and more grown up so we make it work.


Still…. her size 00 uniform is big.  My tiny girl is doing punches, kicks, and grappling.