Today was super fun, we got to go see our tax guy!  Actually we really like him, he is local, nice, good at what he does and I think we probably amuse him or more accurately I amuse him.

If Lars was the only person paying taxes he would have a W2, a statement from the bank on some interest, and the mortgage.  Maybe 5 whole pieces of paper.  I like to complicate things…  When we thought about me staying home and we started planning things we started the investment house thing and I keep records on miles and everything to do with that business.  Once I did stay home I could not content myself with life without spreadsheets so I started little business ventures here and there and tracked expenses and miles to offset earnings and I did generate a nice stack of paper between Melaleuca business and various writing jobs.  My theory is I might not earn a lot of money but I’m awesome at creating writeoffs (legitimate don’t worry!).  The icing on the cake is the brain wave that MOM’s club, that I am president of, is a not for profit and so all my miles and membership fees are deductible.  It took an hour of transcribing my meetup calendar to a spreadsheet but those 600 miles added up fast!


We still have to wait on final numbers but I’m hopeful that we see a refund.


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