waiting until I can take my next dose

This might be TMI so if breast feeding after infancy isn’t your thing this is skippable…



there are also no pictures




So those of you still here I have run into an odd problem that may or may not be all in my head.  I have decided that I have a sinus ‘something’ that is making my face hurt and my ears hurt so I finally took something this morning, that I can take every 4 hours, and within 10 min I felt mostly human again.  Fiona is showing the same symptoms as me but instead of futilely trying to blow her nose and being grumpy she is smacking herself in the face and ear and being grumpy.  We all know you can’t give a child under 18 anything useful for a head cold so I’m using a trick I learned from my sister – I took the medicine and then I nursed Fiona.

Yes, Fiona, my last ‘baby’ is still nursing at nearly 2….  We are trying to cut back but she knows what she wants and what she isn’t getting.  Today she was so pathetic looking I nursed her at a totally off ration time and then 20min post dose and about 10 min later she was right as rain.  Coincidence?

The trouble here is 2 things;

1.  Now she is further convinced that my milk is magical and makes her feel better.  3 steps back in the weaning department…

2. I think she might have stolen my medicine because I only got relief for about 2 of 4 hours.  I’m staring at the clock until I can have another decongestant and since she is sleeping I don’t have to share this dose.  This non scientific method will tell me if she stole my medicine or if I just metabolise really fast.


I joke that she may be potty trained before she is weaned but I’m ok with it since I dislike poop far more then I dislike nursing (I actually like nursing most of the time).  She is getting to the age where many people start to give me the hairy eyeball so my goal #1 is no more public nursing and she is mostly complying.  I love that I can get some more calm time in the morning because she will snuggle nurse.  She also takes a good nap and is a slow one to wake up and wants cuddles and nursing around 2.  Finally right before bed she has a little bit but I never nurse her to sleep so she can go to bed for nonlactating members of society.  Today I’m pretty glad that I still am because I feel like crud and I was able to get a nice extra snuggle and sit AND help her feel better too.  We will deal with cutting back again tomorrow.  Oh!  It’s 12:30!  I get to go take my face-no-splode medicine!  C-ya




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One response to “waiting until I can take my next dose”

  1. Becky says :

    Sophia nursed until she was 29 months old and lost interest.


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