Real-life Selfie-Saturday

A reader e-mailed me and said that they miss seeing me on the blog and they are right, the kids do tend to dominate and then come crafts so until there are more pictures of me then food on the site I’ll do a selfie- saturday post.


I almost decided agains doing this today because I don’t feel great, zero makeup, zero photoshop ambition- just arms length iPhone picture.  I either have a mild cold or I’m suffering from too many nights of bad sleep (attributable to all 3 kids taking turns waking me up… conspiracy?  maybe).  I know in 30 years I’ll think I look young and pretty here but right now I just think I really look tired.  I am doing it though because in the story of my life, this looks more like the real main character rather then the more perfect pictures I like better.  So, if you would like to join me in real-life selfie-saturday link to it in the comments

sweater credit to my mom.



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