omg busy

I’m pre-panicking about my upcoming to-do list. Did you know April is in under a week?


Taxes – got an appointment and most of the stuff ready

Niamh’s friend party

My sisters bridal shower where I’m traveling to NY



My sisters wedding where again, going to NY but bringing the whole crew

Zoe’s friend party – when?  I don’t know… Her real birthday will be in NY 2 days before the wedding

Fiona’s birthday – she has no friends at least 🙂



End of school

Mom’s club banquet

vacation in NY so that means closing up/pre doing everything for about a month

Lars birthday <- that I will actually miss so I need a good birthday surprise I can hide 3 weeks in advance.


I am taking it easy on myself and not doing Pennsic 😦 but there is a good chance we will do other events sprinkled into the summer.  One of my BFF’s is having a BABY in late July and I have a million home improvement projects I would love to get done so we will see what turns up.


While each of those events look little on paper they all require timing, planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, prep in many way.  I truly love this sort of thing but I feel like I’m looking at a marathon and it is a bit daunting.  I have to remember to save some energy for #3, not short change anyone, and manage my time.  Oh, during all this I still need to continue to feed and wash and produce work product…. I do like being busy so I’m going to love the next 3 months



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