Malaysia Air – thoughts

I try not to go all ‘world news’ here but I can’t help but follow the lost Malaysia Airlines story and it looks like today they finally say they found evidence that it terminated in the southern Indian Ocean.


I’ve actually been on that late night flight to China.  I read a creepy book in the empty Malaysia airport waiting for a midnight flight.  Of all the Asian airlines Malaysia air was by far my favorite.  Of the business contacts I’ve made over 10 years I would actually call one of the Engineers at the Malaysian company we worked with a real friend and I am genuinely fond of quite a few others at the company.  It is a great country and I’ve long said if I had to leave the US that is where I would go.

feeding monkeys by the road

One of the things I loved about Malaysia was the true multiculturalism.  There were Indians, Chinese, and Native Malaysian working with no prejudice.  I had been hoping that the plane was hijacked and landed somewhere in Australia but I hope now that the end was not terrifying.  Actually, I still hope they are wrong – seriously, India is not on the way from Malaysia to China…


I will still travel.  I will still worry about my former coworkers who travel often but they are in far more danger of being pickpocket, scammed, or contracting something unpleasant from native veggies.


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