I’m Published!

Hey look, someone liked my work enough to publish it elsewhere on the internet (click the picture to get there)



My blog is all like; “hey, I publish you every day, what am I?!?”

And I say “yes blog, I love you dearly and my 300 followers are part of the highlights of my life, however, it is nice to see independent verification that my writing is good enough for the world.”

Blog: “well… I guess, but you know that you can’t just abandon me…”

Me: “don’t worry blog, I write here for more reasons that random vanity or lack of options, I record my life here and as long as I have life I’ll be keeping notes here”

Blog: “But so many people you used to read just stopped writing and their blogs are sad and lonely just left there, some of them left to go write other places…”

Me: “I hear you, I miss all the blogs I used to read every day and my feed reader is Emptyville, MissZoot probably thinks I’m a crazy stalker but she is the only person who writes daily anymore on my list”.  “Anyway, to answer your implied question I’ve been writing other places for over a year as a ‘ghost writer’ and I’m not gone right?  This DIY upcycle apron post is just the first thing that I would have put here if it wasn’t posted somewhere else so I’m pointing it out”  “I think I also need to find some new blogs to read, Suggestions?”

Blog: “um…. I’m not really sure, check out freshly pressed?”  “Maybe some of the people who follow you?”

Me: “good idea, I had the same thought, I’ll get on it tomorrow”  …. “So blog, are you ok with me posting other places?”

Blog: “yes, I suppose, just link here too so I am the place that has everything

Me: “no problem, maybe I’ll make a page of links or something.  We will see if I find time for that”  “Nice talk, gotta get going on the rest of my Sunday.  People here constantly want food to eat and clean things to mess up so it is like a never ending treadmill”

Blog: “Ok, see you tomorrow around lunch!”



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