Score two for MN

We moved here knowing very very little about the state.  I looked up the snow tables and Buffalo NY got 10x the snow in an average winter then MN but that was seriously the only thing we knew.


There may still be snow on the ground.  It might have snowed this March morning.  But.  It is a very open and free, live and let live type of state.


A blog friend is struggling with her daughter being told mean things and excluded at school because they are not the ‘right’ religion (in the bible belt)


Here religion is definitely practiced and Niamh has come home with some random religious ideas from school like ‘God puts a baby in a mommy’.  Can’t exactly argue the spirit of that explanation but it is an incomplete answer,  but,  I don’t really need to dive into all the science with her.  We found a middle ground but I can totally understand the parent that went with the “God does” explanation because faith is one thing 5 and 6 year olds have like crazy.  Anyway, Niamh has been welcomed into 2 different churches when she was over friends houses, I work out at a Pentecostal church, and we don’t actually go to to the RC church we belong to often because my husband is not interested in how the church is run (and would rather sleep) and I don’t really want to haul 3 minions solo so we don’t go.  HOWEVER the word hell has not even come up.  Miss Zoot’s daughter and mine are one grade apart and I’ve ‘known’ her since before she was born so I can’t help feel bad because of her situation (that I think Miss Z is handling well and I’m keeping my assvice to myself).  On the other hand it gives MN a point in the positive column because there isn’t a religious zealot in sight.


This article is all over facebook and not to point out a similarity but it is a southern state too.


I won’t say that there are not mean people here because there are.  I like to say that the MN-Nice phrase means that people are generally very nice to you no matter what, but, they don’t necessarily like you for real and will not feel bad about talking behind your back.  BUT to your face they are always very very nice.  If you care about every person liking you then you just have troubles, but, if you care about people, including kids, being nice and polite and respectful of things then this is the place.  I was at Niamh’s school and on a day where they were supposed to wear green, I saw two boys in rainbow dash t-shirts.  Most kids actually think Rainbow Dash is a boy.  It wasn’t until real male (colt) characters got some prominence that you saw that fillies have more pointed noses and colts have square jaws BUT if you look at old style my little ponies they are more like the modern colts.  That isn’t the  point, the point is that I don’t think a kid carrying a lunchbox with a pony or any girlie thing would cause a stir and if it did, the bullies would be in trouble.


So southern states – you might have sunshine, green grass, temps above freezing in March and superior pie, but, I like my religion mellow and my kids allowed to be as wacky as they want and I’ll put on my snow boots in April for that.


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