Where and When

I saw a cute Meme the other day that basically said; What if you got married in the same place you met your husband.  The resulting pictures were pretty funny with wedding alter pictures photoshopped into places like Target or High Schools.  I started thinking…. where would it count for us?  Either place would actually be nice really because I officially met Lars at the bottom of the ski mountain Mountain Creek and a wedding there would have been very pretty with great views of the wilds of NJ.  I technically have a lifetime ski pass there too (lot of good it does me here) but it would have been fairly central for all our friends and family on the east coast .   The other option would have been at an event site (in NY? I think?) because that is where Lars remembers meeting me first.  It was a crown at a nice campsite with a lake, so again, a very nice potential wedding spot.  I suppose there is a very random third unknown location because Lars and I both, separately, went to countless events all over the tri-state area so we might have met first at the LuLu shriner temple – who knows!  I’m glad that no matter what the actual first place was it was probably a nice clean and spacious place (because thats where events tend to be) unlike some people who meet in strip clubs or mcDonalds or even the dog park (because ew, poop on poop).  There would be more romantic places too like central park or a cool museum or beach and more dull places like work or the line at DMV . Given the huge potential for crazy, odd, inappropriate, or just dull options it is a good thing we get to pick where we get married.   I am quite glad that we got married much closer to my parents house at the church I grew up in and the yacht club on the beach but it is fun to think about the other crazy options. … I wonder if you HAD to get married where you met would people ignore eachother in undesirable  locations and wedding venues start hosting speed dating?

The other interesting thing was a prompt on my daily writing site; Where did you meet your best friend?  So skipping the sappy answer of “Lars is my best friend” I still have a few wonderful friends from different times in my life but none met in incredibly interesting ways…

My BFF in elementary school I met in (shocker) elementary school. We lost touch for years after but we reconnected on Facebook.

My BFF Miss Math I met in middle school as a friend of a friend and we ate lunch together every day for nearly 6 years.  We still talk all the time and at least once every month I wish I lived closer.

My MN BFFs are both a Lars connection.  One from his work; she and I started ‘talking’ via e-mail before I moved out here and she showed us around when we came out to look for a place to live.  We compliment each other well but we are not the same and that is ok 🙂  The other turned up as the GF of a guy Lars was teaching.  One thing lead to another and we became good friends (oh, and she married that guy too)

Of my other friends I met most in the normal social situations – our kids were in the same class or we do the same hobby.  The most odd one is the lady I accidently had coffee with, are are good facebook friends now.  I don’t know how to count ‘blog friends’ but there are people out there I have read for years and years but never, and likely won’t, meet for real.  Technically I count some of you as my friends – the people who ‘like’ my posts all the time have a special place in my life and my world would be less full without the blog friends.

So good memes and prompts today to inspire me to write about something other then our daily activity.  For the record we went to shoreview like a normal Friday so the last day of spring break is not super special but still fun.  oh yeah, and Fiona puked on herself on the way home because she was pitching a fit about the audacity of being in a car seat (and over tired).  Nothing makes you find time to wash the coats and clean the car like fresh puke…. speaking of… I should go tackle the car seat (unless a really good friend wants to help).


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