Spring Break – with actual signs of spring

Today we hit the spring milesone;  Zoe forgot her coat in the library and was all the way in the car (after playing outside for a few waiting on me) before we noticed.  Annoying milestone because I had to go find her coat, but, the bright side is the weather is nice enough to not require arctic tundra gear.

Over the past few days I’ve gone without my coat for short trips and Niamh wore a sweater only at the zoo on Tuesday but skiing yesterday I still wanted all the gear at the top of the mountain.  You know, you can get a lot of runs in if you are alone.  I think I did every diamond (except ‘you asked for it’ the mogul run) 2x and fit in a visit back to check on Niamh at the 1/2 hour mark so that was 10ish runs in an hour.  The snow is beginning to melt seriously but when you have 2feet nearly everywhere you still have snow for a while.

Today after the library we have a visiting boy so his mom can work so we are up to 4 for a few hours.  Things are pretty mellow up there, just toss in an iPad and most things are ok.  We did lunch and puzzles and I needed time to address 50 bridal shower invites so iPad sitter rest time for all.  Fiona obliged and went to sleep super fast and a half hour early.  She treats the library like a cross training hour.  Our library has a big ramp starting at the lobby and ending in a reading loft WAAAAY at the other end.  Then there is a set of stairs.  She does the loop around 8 or 9 times plus running around looking at books.  Last weeks fluke of her listening was not repeated the week but really, she likes the songs and sometimes stays for a story.  This week there were no songs in the beginning so she lasted about 2.4 seconds.  Regardless, the library is great for tiring her out.

Afternoon plans include bread baking and maybe cookies.  Then costco because having everyone home means we eat more food.  I don’t know how really because Niamh brings lunch from home daily, but, we are out of all sorts of things.  I feel like this week is a practice run for the summer and we are doing ok.  I might have actually over-activitied the week because they seem very content this morning to sleep late and then play since the library is super close and story time is at 10:30.


Oh! almost forgot!  I need to do the bank and post office – counting the library this morning I get the bermuda triangle of stay at home mom travel.  I love depositing checks for contract work I do and I’m quite happy to mail 50 invitations for a fun party.  Darn, so the phone just rang…. I returned the case of a DVD but not the DVD so I must go find it and now the triangle of afternoon errands is once more intact.  (at least I don’t need to wear a parka)


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