Dear Walgreens

First, dear Walgreens, thank you for being open and having a bathroom.

Second, sorry about the puke….

Third, sorry I could not find anyone in the store to tell about it.

much love – 



So two positives here;

One – on the way to the gym Zoe had to go to the bathroom (15min ride btw) but I got that feeling that you know you will be in trouble if you ignore it and we pulled into walgreens.  It was Niamh that was suddenly groaning and we made it in and to the ladies room before mt pukesuves erupted. Thank goodness for listening to mommysence!


Two – while 90% got into the toilet, that 10% was uncool and stinky.  I did what I could with paper towels but I choose to think of the positive; I didn’t have to clean up that particular pile of puke.  I am sorry for whoever did….  They don’t deserve it (probably) ((or maybe they do!  I know plenty of people who do)) 


In the end we did not go to the gym. We are enjoying 1 of 10 days off in a row binge tv watching since Zoe has made noises about a sore tummy too.  Ironically this germ came from work-from-home Lars; all his coworker and he met on Tuesday and he got this Wed night and they are all reporting in that they are all sick too. 


Lets hope it passes quickly….


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