Writing day


Since I’ve been writing for a reasonable amount of time the service Grammarly offered me a chance to use their grammar service. They contacted me, maybe because they could see I obviously don’t use a grammar corrector, and offered me a preview account and a gift card if I put that link up there.  They offer a 7-day trial to anyone and I checked them out and they are worth looking into if you are writing a lot and don’t have time to read and re-read and have your mom read what you are writing (and you care).

Here is like my living room.  I write like I talk and other than making a fair effort to spell things so people can read them I don’t go crazy with the edits.  Recently I have been writing elsewhere and there I feel far more like I should be writing at a professional level (since they even pay me).

That is actually what I am doing today – a post for my IT customer, a piece for a Nature/Tree hugging website that I like (I’ll link when it is up, if they like it that is) and then all the various e-mails that I need more than 1 min to write therefore I save it for the one day I have time to do things that require focus and two hands, both rare commodities in my world.

Sadly, writing this is my break from a day of writing things so I must now go back to the other writing and soon I hope to move on to exciting things like bills or cleaning.  I’m looking forward to 4pm when I pick up all the girls and it is back to fun mom time.  I might hide from them occasionally but I do love having them around 99% 86.5 % of the time.


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