I like Monday

… said nobody ever… but me!  I do actually like Monday and have for a long time but now I really really like it more than probably is socially acceptable.


The only time I hated Monday was when I hated my job but still, I liked the ‘knowing’ of what came next because Monday tends to be the day things are nicely planned on.


I do Laundry – not really fun but so satisfying to cycle through 5 loads and see them all nice and clean at the end.  Don’t ask if I have a folding and putting away day… that is not a perfected system yet.


I bake bread.  I say with pride; it has been well over a month, nearly two, since I last purchased bread from the store (other then rolls for a specific meal).  It is $3 a loaf in the store and we were going through 2-3 a week some weeks.  I can’t exactly say what my price per loaf is but it tastes better and again, I like the process and outcome.  As a bonus there is a great smell from bread rising and baking.  It takes ALL day because the house is cool or my yeast is lazy but I’ll mix it up around 12:30 during nap and it is ready for a second kneading around 4:30 and baking around 9pm.  The two I make last exactly a week so it is perfect.

bread shaped bread

I recover from the weekend and prep for the week.  Monday only Fiona is home with me and it is nice to just have time with her but believe me, it is a trick to be productive.  She wants to read and sing and my 100% attention and I can give it to her because her attention span is never more than 10 minutes.  We have a system with the laundry – she sits on the washer and watches, or, helps get things out of the dryer.  We have a system with the bread – she gets to dump the things I measure and she is a fair mixer.  Otherwise when she is interested in other things I do what I can do in the room we are in and that actually gets a fair amount done in the day.  Only being captive to the whims of one is way easier, when the others are home I juggle needs like a pro but there are few times that someone does not need something.  You get creative with them ‘helping’ but it does cut into the ability to tidy through the day like I can do with just 1 at home.  The Rainbow Momma group I am in was discussing the ability to be happy with housework and one lady put it well that once or twice a week she celebrates her house and I like the sound of that.  Working on the house and home is a valid thing to spend time on but obsessing over it is as bad as obsessing over anything.


Monday is also a karate day for Lars and Niamh and while that does stretch my night out, it does make bed and bath simple with only 2.  Niamh is actually getting decent at her strikes and stance, someday she will (more of) a force to be reckoned with.

Monday is sometimes a lonely day because I don’t really go out and Fiona isn’t the best company but I usually end up with a facetime with some family member and a call from miss Math so the day moves by.


however…. I’m only half done with Monday and so I must go back to it.  Just pausing here for 10min to say Happy Monday.


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