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waiting until I can take my next dose

This might be TMI so if breast feeding after infancy isn’t your thing this is skippable…



there are also no pictures




So those of you still here I have run into an odd problem that may or may not be all in my head.  I have decided that I have a sinus ‘something’ that is making my face hurt and my ears hurt so I finally took something this morning, that I can take every 4 hours, and within 10 min I felt mostly human again.  Fiona is showing the same symptoms as me but instead of futilely trying to blow her nose and being grumpy she is smacking herself in the face and ear and being grumpy.  We all know you can’t give a child under 18 anything useful for a head cold so I’m using a trick I learned from my sister – I took the medicine and then I nursed Fiona.

Yes, Fiona, my last ‘baby’ is still nursing at nearly 2….  We are trying to cut back but she knows what she wants and what she isn’t getting.  Today she was so pathetic looking I nursed her at a totally off ration time and then 20min post dose and about 10 min later she was right as rain.  Coincidence?

The trouble here is 2 things;

1.  Now she is further convinced that my milk is magical and makes her feel better.  3 steps back in the weaning department…

2. I think she might have stolen my medicine because I only got relief for about 2 of 4 hours.  I’m staring at the clock until I can have another decongestant and since she is sleeping I don’t have to share this dose.  This non scientific method will tell me if she stole my medicine or if I just metabolise really fast.


I joke that she may be potty trained before she is weaned but I’m ok with it since I dislike poop far more then I dislike nursing (I actually like nursing most of the time).  She is getting to the age where many people start to give me the hairy eyeball so my goal #1 is no more public nursing and she is mostly complying.  I love that I can get some more calm time in the morning because she will snuggle nurse.  She also takes a good nap and is a slow one to wake up and wants cuddles and nursing around 2.  Finally right before bed she has a little bit but I never nurse her to sleep so she can go to bed for nonlactating members of society.  Today I’m pretty glad that I still am because I feel like crud and I was able to get a nice extra snuggle and sit AND help her feel better too.  We will deal with cutting back again tomorrow.  Oh!  It’s 12:30!  I get to go take my face-no-splode medicine!  C-ya



Real-life Selfie-Saturday

A reader e-mailed me and said that they miss seeing me on the blog and they are right, the kids do tend to dominate and then come crafts so until there are more pictures of me then food on the site I’ll do a selfie- saturday post.


I almost decided agains doing this today because I don’t feel great, zero makeup, zero photoshop ambition- just arms length iPhone picture.  I either have a mild cold or I’m suffering from too many nights of bad sleep (attributable to all 3 kids taking turns waking me up… conspiracy?  maybe).  I know in 30 years I’ll think I look young and pretty here but right now I just think I really look tired.  I am doing it though because in the story of my life, this looks more like the real main character rather then the more perfect pictures I like better.  So, if you would like to join me in real-life selfie-saturday link to it in the comments

sweater credit to my mom.


running quandry

It must be a symptom of spring, I really really want to run outside.  I can’t quite yet because there is still snow and ice spots and I don’t want to run in the middle of the road so I get on the treadmill and do that.  Recently I’ve been getting notes from friends about cool 5K races coming up and while I want to run, somehow a 5K has become ‘so last year’ in a way because everyone around me is doing a half marathon AT LEAST!  I know for sure that there are probably 100:1 people I know that don’t run v run any distance but the runners are the ones my brain focuses in on.


In my far past I was a fast XC runner, sub 18min personal best and that included hills.  I had a great coach, a great team, and I was training daily and running a race every weekend.  I just spent 20 min looking for a link to the state rankings in my senior year where I believe I was #200 in the state but it is missing (in that 20min I could have done a 5k and got a drink…).  Anyway, back then I never thought of running more than a 5k but now that just seems like a baby distance because of the distance runners around me.  All about perspective I suppose.  I think that I will do a race or two this year,  most likely a 5k, I think it is important for the kids to see their mom do active and competitive things.  I have to strike a balance in training because I don’t want (and can’t have without sitters) too much time away from them, but, I also don’t want to embarrass myself at a race.  That is the #1 reason I won’t do a marathon – they take real training so I will put that on the list of things to do after I have time – that will be someday after all 3 children can independently wipe their own bottoms but hopefully before they are all in college.


Right now I would settle for a whole hour to actually run outside because currently my treadmill time is highly scheduled around when I can get kidcare and before meltdown nap time.  Tons better than no time, but not as good as real running freedom.


Anyone want to run a 5k with me?

tech on-top of tech

I have the new version of a new TV using an old TV as a TV stand…

Ipad on top of MacBook.  The mac book works just fine but there is something about the ipad they just think is more cool.   I let them watch 1 show IF they also pair socks.  It works out for everyone.  I have to be sneaky to get them to help, sometimes they are very willing to do what I’m dong but if they catch on it is something chore like they object.  I blame TV 😉

omg busy

I’m pre-panicking about my upcoming to-do list. Did you know April is in under a week?


Taxes – got an appointment and most of the stuff ready

Niamh’s friend party

My sisters bridal shower where I’m traveling to NY



My sisters wedding where again, going to NY but bringing the whole crew

Zoe’s friend party – when?  I don’t know… Her real birthday will be in NY 2 days before the wedding

Fiona’s birthday – she has no friends at least 🙂



End of school

Mom’s club banquet

vacation in NY so that means closing up/pre doing everything for about a month

Lars birthday <- that I will actually miss so I need a good birthday surprise I can hide 3 weeks in advance.


I am taking it easy on myself and not doing Pennsic 😦 but there is a good chance we will do other events sprinkled into the summer.  One of my BFF’s is having a BABY in late July and I have a million home improvement projects I would love to get done so we will see what turns up.


While each of those events look little on paper they all require timing, planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, prep in many way.  I truly love this sort of thing but I feel like I’m looking at a marathon and it is a bit daunting.  I have to remember to save some energy for #3, not short change anyone, and manage my time.  Oh, during all this I still need to continue to feed and wash and produce work product…. I do like being busy so I’m going to love the next 3 months


My winnings!

A mountain of chocolate won from the school carnival! Yum!

Typed lovingly with my thumbs