Archive | February 25, 2014

Busy days coming up

This is my warning that I will be posting more pictures and less words because I have a jam packed few days coming up.

The highlights;

Tonight at 11pm my mom will arrive – before that point I will be doing ‘all the cleaning’…  Fortunately it isn’t so bad, and, the kids have swim lessons so I have some time.

Tomorrow, weather pending, mom and I are going skiing!  Post skiing will be family time and general fun having by all.

Thursday at OMGtoo-early I bring Lars to the airport and then we have a normalish busy day with a meetup and naps and grocery etc.

Friday we are giving Niamh the day off school and doing something fun with grandma for the day.  We have not quite decided what.

Saturday; fun continues.  We have a few options of what to do and weather will be a variable so we will probably figure that out on Saturday.

Sunday; Adult exchange time.  Lars arrives back at 1 and mom leaves at 4 so in the middle we will hit the mall for some rides.

It was dumb luck that I have an extra adult coming just as Lars is leaving making life so much more simple what with the feeding and naps required by all….

Given all this extra ‘stuff’ I also need to find time to do the regular things like my contracted social media time and folding laundry so blogging here will be pictures only for the next few days.  To make it up, I’ll try and make them good pictures 🙂