Archive | February 21, 2014

Snow Day

Today we had a snow day because of actual snow, not just arctic temps.  The normal joy I have at a snow day is diminished when they call us at 5am to tell us school is canceled.  I’m still more in favor of arctic days because we are not trapped in the house.  I missed a cool meetup at skyzone AND didn’t get to the gym per normal.  I attempted to clean some but with 3 of them it somehow feels like I have 6 running in circles and getting things out.  Fiona is getting so much more independent, today she even played dress up with her sisters.  This should have given me more time but technically I still stay within earshot if not direct eye contact to make sure all is well.  She did end up in an adorable costume that I did not really get a good picture of but here is the best of the bunch.

They went outside for a bit.  I think the snow is taller then Fiona.  Niamh is a great sister and stuck to the deck with Fi so I didn’t have to gear up to go with them.  She lasted a solid 15min but that was longer than it took to get her ready.  We moved up to the ridiculously large on her 2t snow suit since her normal one got left at daycare.  It is nice to have extras on hand 🙂

After the snow I attempted to make Niamh be school project centered and that did not go well….  Zoe caused strife, Niamh over reacted, Fiona snuck in and ate their glue…


Lunch finally arrived and after that nap time and 3 of 3 are all peaceful.


Now I must apply myself to figuring out what to do over the summer….