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Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America; grade D+

A Mom friend suggested we venture out to the Mall of America for Tot Tuesday to see the Bubble Guppies.  I’m game for things like this even though there was scant info on what would actually happen.  There is an impressive list of ‘kids eat free’ restaurants but most say “with adult meal” and since I semi hate eating full meals with my kids, and, there are 2 of them and 1 of me that isn’t quite the deal it pretends to be.  She had a great time at another one and I 100% believe it was a good one but this one was poor at best.


The line was 30min at least for the photo op with 1 bubble guppy.  You didn’t get a choice and they rotated and we had 2 sad girls when the one we liked went on break when we were nearly there.  They made do.

Bubble Puppy

Then there was ‘games’ and they were basically nothing more than carpet shapes on the ground.

The craft was laughable.  It was a paper plate and some pompoms handed to us by one of the most dejected looking guys out there.  He had a look on his  pouting that screamed “I have an MBA… grumble grumble”.  We were given zero instruction but we figured something out.

The girls said they had fun and I did too.  Possibly more than the lady who had much bigger expectations since she went to a good one that had a movie (our mega screen played a loop of upcoming events) and a swag bag (nada).  The biggest redeeming features were #1 I like the people I went with, going alone would have been super dull. #2 on the way I called a friend and had a great chat.  So, the two things that were good I could have done in town but sometimes you just have to give it a go.

I did have an ulterior motive, the mall is right next to Ikea who also has Kids eat Free Tuesday, with no adult purchase required, and they redeemed themselves for my fail of a purchase.  They went to my car and got the big heavy thing, they returned with zero problems and extreme apology and we got free ice cream coupons for our trouble.  We got what we needed and had a nice walk through the market and ended before any significant poor behavior.  I can’t wait until I can complete my building and get a good picture – should be soon!

good bye kiss to the cool but impossible to use GLASHOLM fingerprint table top

Everyone is napping but me and I think I may go join for a quick rest before we move on to phase 3 of the day; Niamh pickup and ever after.