Archive | February 17, 2014

Ikea Fail

So far in life I have been very very lucky with Ikea.  I’ve read horror stories about the products and the stores but I have always had a great time at the store and an easy time assembling.


I even successfully hacked the bunk bed to be just a top bunk with a tot bed and storage under!


Yesterday we had our first epic and expensive fail….


We went with a plan.  We needed the Expedit shelf

That we planned to turn on its side and add a desk top with two front legs and use it as a room divider with a computer desk ontop.


These legs are adjustable to the height  we needed  so off we went to pick a desktop from the 20ish options all promising they had ‘predrilled holes for leg installation‘. (spoiler alert, that is a lie)


We get there and all it well.  We check out some other things with Fiona in tow and she cutely drags this tiny adorable pink wineglass everywhere.  In the desk section we find a cool NEW set of glass tops and specifically ask the desk area lady if they work with the legs.  Here is where I want to punch myself for being so believing because in retrospect I think she just wanted us to move along…  She assured us that while the sample they had there didn’t have leg holes, the one you buy does.

So we decided to buy the most expensive one because it really was a cool pattern.

Home again after winning car/ikea tetris and Fiona falls asleep at 5:30 and I take the found time to assemble the shelf.  Super win there, easy as pie.  Then the desk top.  You guessed it right?  No Leg Holes!  I spend half an hour trying to figure out how to safely rig it but it isn’t safe or easy so the decision will be to bring it back.  Fail fail fail.  The thing is heavy and big and fragile and I need to return it…

I also had to buy the more expensive version of the legs because the others were out of stock and I figured it was easier to buy the 2x expensive legs rather then come back.  Guess what else is getting returned!

To conclude;

Dear Ikea

It is preferable to say you don’t know and will check then to tell me what I want to hear.