Archive | February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Over the years either this holiday changed or I did (or both).  It feels like a holiday about expressing love for other people in general; friends, coworkers, kids etc PUBICALLY.  I remember at one time it was all about romantic love and you were obsessed with ‘who’ would be your valentine.  A long time ago I personally started viewing it as a day to be sweet to everyone without fear of them thinking I was hitting on them or into them because, on Valentines day; it is ok to give everyone a treat.  I like that the world seems to be going that way in general.


On the other hand there are still those that poo-poo the day.  The excess, the calories, the people who feel left out.  I hear you on all those points but what is wrong with the premise that so many people toss out because Hallmark made it more famous?  Love one another…. I remember learning that somewhere.  Valentines day is just a day to love more publicly and more broadly because that is not something you (should) do every day on facebook or anywhere public.  I don’t need everyone telling me that I should love my sweeties every day, that is a no brainer, today is just about more.  The one and only person I have ever unfriended is a person who daily and endlessly expressed her intense love for her partner in far too much detail.  Once a year cool, a few times a year – no problem, daily? Your dull….  I’m very glad they are so lovie, but, to me they are dull because she never ever said anything else.


The new slam I heard this year was on the people who go ‘All Pinterest’ and make something.  To them I say; “so what?” and “Hey! I am that mom, don’t be mean!” I’m personally impressed by the epic valentine mailbox one of Zoe’s friends (mom) made.  She probably enjoyed making them, she probably wanted an excuse to break out the glue gun and stickers and I hope she and her daughter had a good time.  That is part of the Love!  The fact that half of Zoe’s class had the classic little rectangles does not bother me and I bet it does not bother the “super” mom who made the mailboxes.  For the crafty people most of the joy is in the doing and the giving.  There are years I did regular valentines and years I did something different and this year I did something a bit ‘more’ and I can tell you I enjoyed it and I really hope the kids like it and I do not want anyone feeling bad because of something that made me happy.

This year I went ‘all pinterest’ and also super allergy friendly because we have 2 very allergic kids in Niamh’s class.  We took the pinterest lollypop super hero idea and substituted in a magic marker.  Every kid can use an extra marker in their life so this valentine is something they will actually use not just consume.  It was $1.50 for 10 markers, .99 for 100 stickers, and $5 for 20x more foam than I needed and I used an avery free template for the body and some tape I had on hand.  I spent around $12 for 40 valentines that are green, useful and fun – plus – the girls loved helping.

Zoe making the capes. She loved counting them and making patterns.

Our Hero’s! The label says “Thanks for being a super friend”


In the end, I do tell my family I love them all the time and for them I do plenty of things to show my love from kisses to story time to cooking dinner or picking up socks.  I also work out for them and take time to myself occasionally so when I come back fresh I love them even more.  This picture was supposed to post earlier but didn’t so here is a picture of 30 pushups I did for my sweet honeys.

Please note that I’m not just doing a ‘real’ push up, my feet are a foot off the ground.  I came home from this workout 10x more happy then I left and Lars had gone out and gotten lunch and plants for all his girls.  Tonight we will do nothing all that special since he is working but there is always tomorrow and all the other 364 days in the year.