Archive | February 13, 2014

The healing power of social time

I feel so much better today because I got out of the house with friends finally!

Yesterday I did what needed doing but not all that much more.  No energy, no drive.  I tried to watch the 1st episode of “Raising Hope” and nearly cried and I don’t think that is supposed to be the vibe of the show.  By the time we picked up the kids I was feeling physically better but I needed my mental batteries recharged after nearly a week of skipping everything social to spare our germs.

Thank goodness we had a trip planned for today!  We took a trek downtown to the Childrens Museum.  I have been before but didn’t really see the appeal but other people were going so I signed up ages ago.  Other than a false landing in the wrong parking garage it was super easy to get there and park and we were right on time.  I see what people see in the place now because Zoe was IN LOVE with the adult things scaled to her size and Fiona is autonomous enough to enjoy pushing buttons and running around.

The people I was meeting got behind schedule but it was no problem to sit and play for 45min because they were thoroughly entertaining themselves.

We moved on to another gallery and then lunch

and then back to the water section

and finally up to the dinosaur exhibit.

maybe she will be pebbles for next halloween…

Leaving took a bit of time but once we were in the car they were both out in minutes and we were home in 30min.

I think the trip went very well but here are some things I wish I knew in advance;

1. there is a FREE coat check.  It is unmonitored but still very nice to not have to haul coats.  It is located behind the ticket counter on the first floor

2. Parking is diagonally across from the museum so using the museum for garmin led me right to the doorstep of the museum but it would be more handy to go to;  World Trade Center Parking Ramp 477 Cedar St St Paul, MN 55101.  There are one way streets and you can still get to the parking by using the museum address but it would be more efficient to go direct to the parking.

3. There are A TON of stairs and the elevator is incredibly slow.  I would leave the stroller at home if the kids can walk at all.  Babies are an exception, having a safe bubble to park them in is a good idea.  I mainly brought mine for coat storage but since there is a coat check that is moot.

4. Food.  There is very little food for sale in the museum and there is no place to easily eat (cafe style that is).  I saw other people in the lobby/landing/open areas eating so we did too.  Our friends had to hike to subway in the skyway and it took a good 30min out of their day.  When I’m working with pushing naps as it is, I don’t want to waste time commuting to food and back.  On the other hand, there seem to be lots of nice places in the area of a short walk so older kids might like the ‘fancy’ outing.  I like to pack our food, food I know they will eat and that I have already paid for and I don’t have to haul hungry kids through a line for.  Nobody batted an eye with us snacking on the bench.

5. Bring a small towel.  I actually always carry one.  Nerds will get the reference but it is true, if you have a towel you are ready for anything from puke, to water table.  The water section is huge and fun but there are not too many dry things in the area.  I got my ‘around town’ towels from the car section at walmart, they are 12×12 microfiber in bright colors originally intended for buffing a car but have been lifesavers for us over the past few years.

So that is my trip.  I’m home now and I had a very nice time with friends and now I feel totally ready for what comes next.