Archive | February 12, 2014

The weekly list

I mentioned last week that Fiona was a screaming, mucous spewing, clingy crazy baby so I got way less that average done last week.  I should never have said anything because I succumbed to the crud on Sunday and suffered through Monday and Tuesday and by lunch I was nearly useless and Lars checked Fiona into daycare and Zoe into tv and me into bed.  To detail my decent…. sometime on tuesday morning I nearly fell asleep on Fiona’s floor and while I was semiconscious she and Zoe spread popcorn all over the floor.  When I got up there was a single clean spot where my body was.  We were in there because the door closes and has a baby handle so they can’t get out without me, and, they were content to play in there while I put away clothes (or put my head down on a stack of clothes).

Many hours of sleep later I feel much more normal but the to do list is epic.  I gave preference to my paying client and did my work for them (and it is fun).  I got a bunch of personal e-mails done.  This post is top of the to-do list  so there is that – you know days I don’t blog mean I’m either extremely busy or sick.  If you ask for my vote, I prefer the very busy days.

Rather then list the tasks that include making 40 allergy free valentines, actually prepping the freeze ahead meal I have stuff for and cleaning I have to share a story.

The toilet

It is very necessary in our life.

Something about having 8 kids visit a few weeks ago broke the flusher.  After a few days of manually opening the tank and messing with it we got the part and fixed the flusher.


Then the next day the flapper bit the bullet.  For a few more days we wiggled the handle and opened the tank to fix this new thing.  Over the weekend we replaced the part and for 5 whole flushes it worked great.  Then it did not.  In attempting to fix it Lars broke the rod that goes between the float and valve.


Now the water to the toilet is a ‘manual’ system until I get yet another part later today.


Last night I heard a crash in the bathroom.  We wrote it off as ‘that cat’ since the cat rocketed out of the bathroom.  I remarked, in an  unrelated statement, that basically everything but the porcelain of the toilet has broken in the past week.

I was wrong….

However I could have been less lucky because there was ONE last thing that could break… The seat!  Some how some way the cat broke the bolt on the seat and when we went to bed the entire seat of the toilet was on the ground.  

needless to say next on my list is a trip to the hardware store to buy; a new float, a new rod, a new flapper and new bolts for the seat.  Would it be easier to just get a new toilet?