Archive | February 6, 2014

Pinterest project in under $5 and 5 min







I made this fashionable vest thing I pinned from this blog  and it really was as easy as she said.


It would be a great nursing cover too and I actually think that using a tshirt with a pattern might look cool , watch out Lars I’m after your tshirts….

I wish I had more time to retake the picture now that I see the pile o stuff but hey, proof I’m a real person.  If you were wondering, that pile consists of;

1. the red box is full of kettle bells and weights because I work out here.

2. The huggies box is full of hand me downs waiting on growing girls to grow.

3. the basket on top of that is Lars stuff – since he only wears jeans for ‘going out’ they stay pretty clean so they hang out there.  We joke that daycare probably thinks he only has one pair since he puts them on to drop off kids and comes home to change for work so they log about 15 min a day.

4. you might not be able to see it, but, the colorful things on top of the black cabinet are cloth diapers that Fiona STILL has not grown into.

On the right is my ‘stand up desk’.  It is really just my laptop on top of a box on top of a table, but, the table has drawers that I put office things in and it is the perfect hight for me.  Sitting is the new smoking (I heard) plus, I have no lap to sit on if I’m standing.  This vantage is great because I can see most of the top floor and hear anything so if they are playing I can do some things on the computer.

Ps.  A big ‘I’m sorry’ to all the e-mail subscribers who got just a random picture of my backside – I auto-published by accident using my phone to upload a picture.  Hopefully the story behind the behind is worth the 300 words.  I also slightly wonder about the 2 likes my bottom got but hey, I’m going to take it as a compliment.