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One Other Kate identified

The first ‘Other Kate’ who I soon figured out was an Australian Kate has finally become a real person today.  As of 1am my time I received an e-mail from the real AU Kate confirming her existence and claiming some of the mystery emails (but not all of them, I know, there are many more Kate79 s out there).  Most recently she did look at a volvo but she ended up with a different car – it would have been even more fun if we both got Volvos.  She is not however the owner of the dropbox account I still have control over…


She sounds super nice and thought my letter was funny (not crazy/stalker) and was even glad to get the notice from her town (where I got her real address) because she was fairly annoyed that they had not contacted her.  As suspected her address is incredibly similar to mine but now I know it so I can fwd her things that seem important.  I also gave her this blog address to be fair since I know so many random bits about her life so if you are reading; “Hi Kate! how is summer?  can I visit, it is really really cold here (kidding)… (kinda)”

AUKate was kind enough to fill in a few gaps and confirm some of my guesses and I’m happy to say for once my imagination did not lead me too far off reality.  Funny story;  I am INCREDIBLY bad at judging what someone looks like based on voice.  You know how you imagine what a person you talk to often looks like?  I have been so wrong so many times I don’t even imagine people anymore.  One time a person I talked to daily for years actually visited the office and other than gender I had age, race, and every other detail incorrect.  I know I’m not alone because a supplier I had never met sent me a gift that ‘reminded her of me’ and it is a small roundy round blond angel.  I’ll take angel but other then that I think I exist(ed) in her head as a very different person.  Technically, I have no idea what AUKate looks like so I might still be very wrong but I am glad I guessed right about the boyfriend and house and medical career because those are all nice things and I’m glad she has them.

This is not over by a long shot but it is so nice to close the loop on one.  It was also the first letter I’ve written and put in the mail in years so that is a milestone too, I might have to do it again someday although waiting weeks for a reply was killing me.

If this is new to anyone here is some backstory

Dropbox Kate – now I know she is different then AUKate because she is in New Zealand (and AUKate told me).  I also feel NZKate is the source of my plus size womens subscription since I have now seen a picture of her.


here is where I decide there are at least 3 Kates but I know there might be more… and here is a fairly complete profile from when I first wrote although I think it is a mesh of 2 Kates at least.

For even more just search ‘other kate’ in the search window, who does not love a recurring story on a blog