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If only she had a quarter…



It was a great day at the children’s museum, then a vain attempt to find the ice art shacks on white bear lake, then home to dinner and bed.

Btw… I might not have mentioned but Monday to Wednesday Zoe woke me up at 3am, thurs I brought Lars to the airport at 4:30am and then last night Niamh puked from 3-4am. I am starting to feel the mental break coming, they better let me sleep tonight. . .

The red wig is back

Niamh got to dress as a book character for school today, she choose Brave and since I had the parts on hand it was an easy costume.



Gotta love cosplay at such an early age!

Busy days coming up

This is my warning that I will be posting more pictures and less words because I have a jam packed few days coming up.

The highlights;

Tonight at 11pm my mom will arrive – before that point I will be doing ‘all the cleaning’…  Fortunately it isn’t so bad, and, the kids have swim lessons so I have some time.

Tomorrow, weather pending, mom and I are going skiing!  Post skiing will be family time and general fun having by all.

Thursday at OMGtoo-early I bring Lars to the airport and then we have a normalish busy day with a meetup and naps and grocery etc.

Friday we are giving Niamh the day off school and doing something fun with grandma for the day.  We have not quite decided what.

Saturday; fun continues.  We have a few options of what to do and weather will be a variable so we will probably figure that out on Saturday.

Sunday; Adult exchange time.  Lars arrives back at 1 and mom leaves at 4 so in the middle we will hit the mall for some rides.

It was dumb luck that I have an extra adult coming just as Lars is leaving making life so much more simple what with the feeding and naps required by all….

Given all this extra ‘stuff’ I also need to find time to do the regular things like my contracted social media time and folding laundry so blogging here will be pictures only for the next few days.  To make it up, I’ll try and make them good pictures 🙂

Refreshing my house

Our ‘green room’ (named that because it is painted green) was once our office and when I started to stay home we played tetris with the house and moved the office down to the lowest level and the green room was supposed to be a playroom.  Open areas for dancing or bouncing.  A cozy chair for reading.  A futon for watching the occasional VHS and for visiting relatives.

The reality of that was that the open space got full of random stuff.  The cozy chair was used to read bedtime stories but it was not a favorite place.  The futon sees plenty of use but the room lacked that ‘something’ that makes kids want to be in it.  It became a pass through room.  The kids would play pony or barbie far more often in their room that is a quarter of the size and aside from a few fun dance parties the space was never really used.


A few weeks ago we decided it was time to create a space for a kid computer.  Niamh can use a computer just fine and Zoe is getting there and Fiona is a key smasher so the desk had to be tall.  We also lacked storage in the room so I thought about solutions and figured out how to meld the storage with a desk and divide the room into a more cozy set of areas BUT the divider is not too visually dividing so the room still feels open.


Here is the before

and after (don’t mind the bediapered baby, she was fresh from the bath)

The space has been used 100% more even though the computer is not actually set up yet.  They have played in the space, I’ve chosen to sit in the chair times other than reading.  It must be a room that just craves a computer 🙂

There is still a barstool style chair to add (on the way) and I need to tidy the shelves a bit and do something with cords but it works.  Not shown, the pink table is on the other side of the divide so there is still a nice place for Fiona to chew crayons color.  The shelf is deep enough that I have two rows of books, each facing out on a different side.  Overall I am very happy with this change and I’m just as happy with the price and I know in the future I will be happy to repurpose the pieces since none of this is permanent.

In a related story I’m working on summer plans and floated a few to Lars and his reply was; “Isn’t the computer the summer plan for Niamh?”.  No honey, I might be frosting 3 nerds, but not 3 potatoes.


If you want this combo;

Expedit Ikea shelf, 2 row, on its side – $85

LINNMON desk top WITH pre drilled holes – $5

Olov legs – $15.  We needed these because they adjust tall enough.

Floor mat – $25 *the mat is clear, the ‘rug’ under it is fabric.

Rug and pillow – Joann’s fabric and sewn by me

Not show; 4 3M velcro picture hanging strips that attach the top to the shelf.


Snow Day

Today we had a snow day because of actual snow, not just arctic temps.  The normal joy I have at a snow day is diminished when they call us at 5am to tell us school is canceled.  I’m still more in favor of arctic days because we are not trapped in the house.  I missed a cool meetup at skyzone AND didn’t get to the gym per normal.  I attempted to clean some but with 3 of them it somehow feels like I have 6 running in circles and getting things out.  Fiona is getting so much more independent, today she even played dress up with her sisters.  This should have given me more time but technically I still stay within earshot if not direct eye contact to make sure all is well.  She did end up in an adorable costume that I did not really get a good picture of but here is the best of the bunch.

They went outside for a bit.  I think the snow is taller then Fiona.  Niamh is a great sister and stuck to the deck with Fi so I didn’t have to gear up to go with them.  She lasted a solid 15min but that was longer than it took to get her ready.  We moved up to the ridiculously large on her 2t snow suit since her normal one got left at daycare.  It is nice to have extras on hand 🙂

After the snow I attempted to make Niamh be school project centered and that did not go well….  Zoe caused strife, Niamh over reacted, Fiona snuck in and ate their glue…


Lunch finally arrived and after that nap time and 3 of 3 are all peaceful.


Now I must apply myself to figuring out what to do over the summer….