10 Things to do in the super cold (G rated, mom edition)

I would say that the cold is getting colder but at a certain point you stop feeling the difference and then you need to check for lost body parts.  Zoe is wishing for summer but this morning she was amazed at the ‘glitter’ all over the snow.  We are lucky enough to have a sunny yet cold area.  I think I would miss the seasons if we were in a single season part of the world so yesterday I started thinking of all the things that are extra good in the cold months.

Here are my G rated, with kids, without a PhD in craftology or golden mom halo ideas for super cold days;


1. Do the laundry and divert some of the laundry vent back into the house.  We have a small hatch, probably intended for cleaning, that we open up in the winter so 80% still vents outside but the 20% we get makes the down stairs office tropical.  Lars looks forward to laundry day in the winter (not so much in the summer).


2. Bake.  Get that oven up to 350 and make cookies or bread or a roast….  Our house chimneys the heat from the kitchen right up into the living room so winter is the time for long bake lasagna.


3. Run the dishwasher during the day (we often run it over night) and when you open it up you get a nice steam facial, plus, warm dishes to put away


4. Dance like crazy to loud music.  You won’t disturb the neighbors because your windows are shut and sound waves freeze at -20 and dancing makes you warmer.


5. Encourage blanket fort making – it is cozy in there. Bonus points for joining them in the fort but not required (see no halo clause)


6. Read books under blankets.  An old standby but good


7. Move all your food outside and defrost the freezer and give the fridge a good cleaning.


8. Look outside for signs of life.  This might sound silly, but, with fresh snow or when it is blowing and drifting there is a good chance to see fresh foot/hoofprints.  My kids get a big kick out of the paths they see made by different animals.  I wonder why deer seem to walk tree to tree… anyone know?  I do not live in the woods so I’m not sure where the deer come from or where they go but they pass through.  If you are ambitious you can hang and stock a bird feeder somewhere easy to see from inside.


9. Learn about passive solar energy by making like a cat and finding the sun in your house throughout the day.


10. Ignore the feeling that you should hibernate.  My favorite phrase of the season is “humans don’t hibernate”.  I still try and go somewhere daily and at -20 we run from car to door, but, even going to a friends house to drink her coffee makes you feel warmer.


Bonus; #11 – clean all the things, scrubbing walls or baseboards in the summer makes you sweat but in the winter it keeps you warm.  I am not doing this one by the way, thats why it is a bonus…


ps.  Just because my current definition of REALLY cold is anything under zero, I completely understand that yours might be 30 or under; cold is cold and this list should make you warmer.  When I lived in Malta I felt like I was freezing to death in their ‘winter’ and I know in reality it was maybe 50 degrees but that still felt super cold in a house built for 102 degrees.


pps.  I left TV and video games off the list because you don’t need me to tell you that it is a good way to pass the time inside and snuggled

one thing not to do in the arctic weather is fix your fallen down barn. ps. this is not my barn


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One response to “10 Things to do in the super cold (G rated, mom edition)”

  1. Karen Moldenhauer says :

    Love this list – #2 and #8 are my favorites. For #2 – I’m not baking cookies or bread as Josh and I both need to lose weight, but I discovered the wonders of the crockpot, the Dutch oven and, in general, soups, stews, and chili oh my! ;). #8 – outside my work office is bursting in activity- mainly birds of all types trying to keep warm and eat the berries off a certain tree/bush. For deer- my guess is that they’re grazing on bark. There’s not much to eat if anything out there now and I think we passed rut season in the fall so most likely not that still.


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