Life hack for kcup storage

I have reclaimed my cabinet from half empty boxes for under $5


This is my first craft that is totally unique as far as I can tell from my research on Pinterest and the world of web.  When I make the next one I’ll take pictures along the way but here are the instructions if you feel inclined to make one for yourself.  It is mounted on the door of my cabinet so it takes up some space on the shelf but not anywhere near as much as a box on the shelf.


1. Water bottle(s) – I used SmartWater because the sides are straight and they are tall but the MOST IMPORTANT trait is that their diameter (measure across the bottle) is greater then the diameter of the top of a coffee pod so it easily fits.  It is actually big enough for the Kcup to go sideways and that is even better.

2. serrated knife

3. hole punch

4. scissors

5. tape

6. command strip hooks – I like the clear decorator hooks and I already had a batch but I also thought about using the ‘velcro’ picture hangers from 3M. My goal was to be able to mount the holders in my cabinet but also be able to take it down and put it up again easily.

1. measure the height of the space this will fit into, transfer that measure onto the bottle going from the bottom up (because you will be cutting off the top)

2. peel off the label.  If you have a good way to get the sticky off let me know, mine are still sticky after just washing…

3. Hold the bottle and use the serrated knife to cut at the mark.  The knife is way better then scissors, trust me (or don’t, go ahead and try but it will be messier), just saw into it but be really careful about where your fingers and other body parts are in relation to the knife.

3.1 (optional) cut the kick out of the bottom, use the knife to just take out the bump in the center.  Or, heat it up with a flame and push it down from the inside with something (not your fingers) until it is flat.

4. drop a k-cup into the container so you see how tall you need to make the ‘hatch’ .  Make a mark.

5. use the knife (did I mention it needed a pointy tip too?) to start the hatch and finish up with the scissors.  Cut smaller first and then extend/even out the hole in a second pass.

6. put tape around the top.

7. use the hole punch to make a hole on the top back (the hatch is the front)

8. mount the command hook as directed but make sure it is in the right spot so your tube still fits between the shelves.

And thats it… I should stretch it out to get to 10… um, step 9 fill tube with all the stray kcups, step 10 hang it on the hook.

It is not the most elegant solution but I wanted something inside my cabinet not taking up more counter space.

Enjoy the project, it was 3.50 for 3 bottles of smart water at the grocery store and everything else I had around the house but if you had to buy the hooks and tape that would put the project around $10.  If you have to buy scissors or a hole punch then you probably should not craft, just show this to a friend and hand them the bottles; preferably empty and sticky free.


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One response to “Life hack for kcup storage”

  1. kateluthner79 says :

    sorry, the shape of the hatch is like a cartoon mouse hole, it is straight on the sides and rounded on the top.


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